Wendi has already told Marci what happened.

No one can escape.


Ozan is in his late thirties.

He is nothing but a fool.

Can you tell me what is the capital of Texas ?


With my English proficiency, I'm not able to translate this adequately. So I hope someone will accept to translate this.

I need a new extension cord like this one.

Emmett dyes his hair, doesn't he?

A terrible thing happened.

I have better things to do than stand here and take your insults.

He was wrong.

I need to think about it.

He advised her not to go.

Life means nothing without friends.

What do they do?

After the fire, only ash was left.

A pair of leather gloves is a must when you work with these machines.

You know everyone here, I think.

Which side are you on?

Your attitude towards women is offensive.

I don't think you need it.

Didn't I tell you I wanted to be alone?

I like crowds.

Everyone I know has one.

Torsten certainly manages to make everybody thinks he's happy.

Loosen your tie.

She's disorganized.

There is absolutely no way that I would go on a trip alone.


The discovery of oil was a lucky accident.


Just try to wing it.

This weighed heavily on my mind.

Don't let me stop you.

She won't know.

I think I am finally going to retire.

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Dan paid Linda a visit at her office.

Rice is grown in many parts of the world.

It has been raining in the forest.


Not every community was affected.

Marc had intense feelings for Leung.

Nate thought it over carefully.

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Where do you want to go tomorrow?

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She dominates her husband.


You're not as young as Starbuck.

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Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.

Vernon felt remorse for what he had done.

That sounds like a fun job.

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How many hours did you put in at the office last week?

I had an angina attack.

It is very courteous of you to call on me.

The sheep are in the pen.

Kris tried to sleep, but couldn't.

Would you like to go have a drink after work?

I have to shave every day.

Jock was a good husband and a wonderful father.

Don't ever lose the faith in yourself... You can do everything you want to do.

How about something to drink?

There are a lot of fish in that lake.


I concurred with them in giving him the prize.

I'll never forget the day I fell into the well.

Please put on these slippers.

The ISS travels in orbit around the Earth at an average speed of 27,743.8 km/h , completing 15.7 orbits per day.

There's music for everyone.

The remainder of his sentence was drowned out by the sudden noise.

Dan took a look at the victim's vehicle.


I know Esperanto.

I was admonished against being late.

I'll tell you when I'm ready.


I hardly ever go to Boston.

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I tried to find Mysore.

We must always be prepared against disasters

He finished his beer.


Someone is watching us.


They were badly off at that time.

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Marguerite worries about his weight.

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I was feverish with embarrassment.

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I drank about 20 beers but the cop couldn't tell I was drunk and let me go.


The youngest boy dropped behind the other hikers.

She's self-employed.

May his life be blessed with health and happiness all through.

He hasn't got any fight left in him.

Herzl waited in the dimly lit room. At times he would fidget restlessly in boredom.


I'll be waiting for my passport.


I'm all set.

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I'm really glad to be here and the more, to be here with you.

The food was really good. I just wish that I didn't have to wait an hour to get it.

I have the perfect role for you.

Do you want me to make coffee?

Torture is a crime against humanity.

We have a long day ahead of us.

His books are liked by young people.

Don't you see what this means?

My father has gone to China.


Is this a public or private company?

The relationship between Islam and the West includes centuries of co-existence and cooperation, but also conflict and religious wars.

There are about 1600 male billionaires and 200 female billionaires in the world.


He's just about had enough of the Smiths' TV.

That would be so inappropriate.

No matter who you ask, you won't be able to get a satisfactory answer.


We're worried.

Dan left no traces behind.

I'm not going to help him.


My father gave me a watch for my birthday.

Is Mr Schmidt at home now?

That's the first option.

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We won't tolerate any looting.

George is five years older than I am.

The Joneses pay their servant by the week.


I heard you cheering.


I won't be able to promote them.

Your truth is not my truth.

I will ask him tomorrow.

Cattle feed on grass.

We yelled at her to watch her step.

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I'll come with him.


Page always has to put her two cents worth in.

Does anybody here know what a moon cake is in French?

Hey, what's the big secret? Come on; let me in on it.

I have two flowers.

We may not have that much time.

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Heads up!


I'll get fired if I don't do it.

Did you go to office yesterday?

Dan and Linda stopped talking to each other.

Doctors' bills really cut into our savings.

The patients in this study consisted of 30 males and 25 females.


Even though the car accident damaged his body, his optimism was intact.

I listened to some CDs last night.

It's almost Christmas.

I'm not ashamed to tell you.

What time does the train for Boston leave?

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Valeria is too old to be living on his own.

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We should try to make the conquest of peace.


A healthy child can no more sit still than a puppy can.

You're learning Irish.

The boy fell off the bed.

The books are on the bench.

He regretted having been lazy in the former term.

At Tatoeba we don't use parentheses to indicate alternative ways to translate something. Instead, we just post two or more separate translations linked to the original sentence.

Lindsay did the right thing.

The parliamentary session was canceled.

Stephe made this happen.

Where did Noemi and Philippe go last night?

Tell them to stop the truck.

He is always spoiling for a fight.

Donnie walked home.


She's out of your league.

At first, I thought it was a stupid idea, but I eventually realized what a good idea it was.

"How many mobile phones do you have, Marci?" "How many? You mean, people actually have more than one?" "I have 4." "Why would you?"

Brad almost never eats breakfast.

This will do for a chair.

Australians don't need motivation to drink beer, it comes natural.

He did it absentmindedly.

That all happened in the space of three seconds.

Fan letters lay in a heap on the desk.

What time was it when you entered the building?

I know exactly who Meehan wants me to meet.


A lie said to avoid hurting someone's feelings and expectations is called a "white lie."

There was a black jacket on the book.

This is really humiliating.