"Why did the chicken cross the road?" is a very well-known English riddle, to which there are a multiplicity of answers.

She can't tell the good from the bad.


Stan doesn't really want me to come.

After all the trouble we went to in coming up with that project, it only took them a second to shoot it down in the meeting.

I'm losing my patience with you.


That person writing the letter in the classroom is my friend.

It will only get better.

It would be good if Shirley did a little more exercise.

I never said anything to anybody.

Do study here.


I was going to ask for a volunteer.


Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.


I'll see you later at home.

I say it's worth the risk.

But for the modern medicine, I'd have been dead.


Geoffrey can't take less.


She visits the dentist on a regular basis, so she seldom gets toothaches.

We're just going to talk.

Even when being praised, modesty is important.

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I was born in Osaka in 1977.

The other day her mother passed away in the hospital.

Mark is waiting in the conference room.

You were so late coming that I was just about to telephone you.

I only ordered coffee, since I wasn't hungry.


It is better to remain silent, than to talk without purpose.


A new treatment for hepatitis is being studied.

She has a nice face.

She called him every other day.

To be on time, I ran.

I want you to help me choose a book.


What were the chief events of last year?

Courtney doesn't know what to say to make Beth feel better.

He's all I have.


Julianto hates insects.

Does Sassan have a choice?

This hip-hop artist wears a grill.

Oh, hello. It's quite hot today really!

Clem didn't feel it.

Contrary to popular belief, urinating on a jellyfish sting will do very little to help.

You scared her.

I don't even think Heidi heard me.

What's your favorite song lyric?

Charleen has my book.

I don't need you to remind me of anything. I know what I'm supposed to do.


I couldn't hear you very well.


Where can I get a taxi?

You're lucky because he didn't bite you.

Clem is the person I was talking about.


Dalton can't decide whether to buy a new computer now or wait for a couple of more months.

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I'm much older than you are.

How many shots did you fire?

You look anxious, what's happened?

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It sounds like you're having fun.

He is always looking to the future.

Elric was on TV.

That doesn't regard you at all.

I've had a little bit too much.


We appreciate your interest in our company.

That's not Antonella. That's John.

Thus fought the Okinawan people.

They were cowards.

Kirsten was shocked by Dave's appearance.


I suggest you tell us everything you know about Sharada.

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I thought you were going to come straight home.

Here we come!

Put that down, please.


Danielle is still thinking about what to do.

How long's Graham been there?

I have known him for ten years.

They made a claim for higher pay.

Neville may possibly be lying about that.

His wounded leg began to bleed again.

The only way to tackle this problem is through the creation of a new international body.

This is the friend to whom I gave the key.

I used to sleep for only three or four hours a day.

There are three buttons.

I hereby beg to acknowledge your letter.


If you can't come, we'll understand.

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What makes you think the Middle East is more important than the Andes?


And if I say this is it, it really means this is it!


They're only trying to help.

I think it's time for me to discuss the problem with her.

There are not enough oranges.

We haven't laid off any employees yet.

Roxana doesn't seem to be heading in the right direction.

How'd you get here?

I'm very much aware of the danger.


Mom, I have not taken my medicine.


I left home without having breakfast yesterday.

Ask Olof not to go there.

I said I'll be fine.

I like that chick.

Linley has been a friend of mine for years.

Sigurd is buying some flowers for Rhonda.

This has my approval.

Maybe I wasn't Pete's type.

Why aren't you going after her?


I know somebody who's perfect for the job.


How come you know English so well?


Dory thinks Urs made the right choice.

I told you I'd help you.

He was surprised at the scene.

I don't want your gold.

Marika helps me in English.

Supposing war broke out, what would you do?

He peddled his "miracle cure" to desperate cancer patients.


I'm not ready to give up yet.

My night was amazing.

My hair is longer than Jane's is.

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The dog ran around a tree.


I had no place else to go.


They're not alone.


I'll prepare sashimi for dinner.


Salt is added to a number of foodstuffs, such as bread, to enhance the flavour and to make the texture more palatable.

I know how you feel about policemen.

That toast was over the top.

Don't use your real name.

What the fuck did he just do?!

What is psychoanalysis?

Barbara looks a bit like John Lennon.


Andries handed the money to Sylvan.

My aunt has been dead for two years.

How did the game come out?

Cliff's new play got a warm reception.

You don't have a life.

Mr. Brown is in charge of our class.

He rushed into the room with his coat on.

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Narendra knows there's only one choice that makes any sense.

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The food at that restaurant is too greasy for me.

What time do you turn off the lights?

We want a rematch.

I was wrong all the same.

Who will try this case?


It's doable, but not easy.


I'm a farmer.

The plans for the offensive were secret.

I spilled one.


At about what age do the Japanese marry?

They went in search of happiness.

I hope he comes tomorrow.

I'm very particular about what kind of people I invite into my house.

Did you and Ole have a fight?

He is much older than he looks.

I had my radio repaired by him.

I do believe you.

Barney died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

I will take you home.

He and the Princess loved each other dearly, and after a year a son came to them.

Jack can speak French.

The policy is pretty clear.

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She is a lady among ladies.


I hope Lance never gets out of prison.


You wouldn't know how to do this, would you?

Many inmates on death row say they don't want to die.

Would you relax?