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Home of the former Ron Rosen Precious Metals Newsletter, this new site,, now also provides up-to-date analysis and trading reports on currencies, the FOREX and other markets, for the same low monthly subscription rate. Subscribers also receive access to the Members Trading Circle where they may discuss trades with one another and with Ron Rosen personally.
Gold and silver are making an historic move that will make some people rich and others poor. The reason people buy metal reports is for guidance through the price swings that the market will make in the coming years. You want to know when to be in the market and when to be on the sidelines. How can you be one of the successful traders through these market conditions and take advantage of the opportunity to make wealth?
Our solution is the Market Timing Letter. Principal Ron Rosen has a proven track record, the proper tools, and the character to not just follow the crowd. His unique letter is posted online twice a week on a secure site, where subscribers can also ask questions that Ron will personally answer.
This approach adds value to the Market Timing Letter. He not only guides us through the market conditions but he also mentors us to become better traders through his proven trading approach. Many advisors charge hundreds of dollars for personal service; Ron offers his service for thirty dollars a month.
Delta Society International also promotes Mr. Rosen because he uses Delta Timing correctly and with outstanding results, confirming Delta's saying, "Better Tools Mean More Profit." 
Sign up now and be part of the group that is creating wealth through profitable trading based on market timing.

By Ron Rosen...  
"Time is more important than price; when time is up price will reverse." —W.D. Gann 
There are three technical tools that have proven to be the most reliable and helpful when trying to determine the future path of gold and silver bullion and the precious metal shares. I add to this combination 50 years of market experience and the result is a Precious Metals Timing Letter that to my knowledge is not duplicated anywhere or by anyone. The three market tools are: 
#1. W.D. Gann 30- and 60-Year Master Cycle studies applied to gold and silver bullion and the precious metals share indexes. These cyclic studies are easy to understand, not complicated and free of any and all complicated mathematical formulas. They are the foundation, building blocks and “TREASURE MAP” to the future path of the precious metals complex. 
#2. Long Term Monthly Wave Count: In order to know where we are in the medium and short term we must start with the long term and work backwards. This method has proven to be the most valuable for determining completed moves and keeping us on the correct side of the markets. The charts accompanying this report are easy to read and are not a mass of confusing lines and numbers. 
#3. Delta Turning Points: The Delta turning points provide us with the perfect order of tops and bottoms in the short, medium and long term. They coincide with completed wave formations. They are invaluable and available only to Members and Directors of the Delta Society International. There is one exception and one exception only. 
The cost of subscribing to the Market Timing Letter is only $30 a month and, if it does not suit your needs, it may be cancelled at the end of any month. Please note: renewal fee is charged automatically each month unless you decided to cancel. 
I have been a director of the Delta Society International for approximately 10 years. I started in this business on Wall Street as a margin clerk with Carl M. Loeb, Rhodes and Co. in the year 1956. I entered their training program six months later and became a stock and commodity broker. The rest to say the least has been a Learning Lesson. Avoiding loss and making money is the primary goal. In addition if I can help subscribers avoid this learning lesson or at least shorten the time required by pointing you in the right direction I will consider my letter and my writing a double success.   
Ron Rosen 
Disclaimer: The contents of this letter represent the opinions of Ronald L. Rosen. Nothing contained herein is intended as investment advice or recommendations for specific investment decisions, and you should not rely on it as such. Ronald L. Rosen is not a registered investment advisor.