Hienz was obviously sick.

I picked up a pretty shell at the seaside.

He banged the door in anger.

Bud is mad about sport.


Granted that he is honest, but I doubt his ability.


I'm sorry I called you a liar.

Seth lived in Boston three years ago.

Is anybody out there?

I hope that John will come.

It's more than just that.


Two men are checking on what's wrong with the car.

Bob, help me carry his suitcase to the living room.

This drama is missing something. All it is is a simple cautionary tale with no real depth.


Drink, so you won't get dehydrated.

Will you carry it out for me?

He is a handsome man.


Never forget to lock the door.


After his dinner break, Dan left to pick Linda up from the gym.

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Aren't you going to ask Ricardo?


I just decided I'd come home early.

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Polly works as a forklift operator.

Are you going in his place or are you going to pick him up?

I am doubtful of his success.

You've taken a big step today.

Tears now are useless. You should have thought of all this before.

I'm waiting for a call.

Every march is composed of separate steps.

Is that real?

This dog is our regimental mascot.

Suwandi thinks that's normal.

I smell something burning, Mother.

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I wanted to say hello to Jerome.

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I saw Donnie talking on the phone.

Who told you to buy that for me?

There is an old story about a Persian cat.

I am so sorry to have kept you waiting.

Does Eileen know Clay?

Who would want to kill her?

There's something you don't know... I'm pregnant.

I think it a pity that he told a lie.

I shouldn't have gone there.

Vidhyanath isn't as young as Tanya.

Anyway, you'll never know.

Emily told the truth.

I feel really stupid.

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Why are you mean to me?


I'll be ready in a jiffy.

Kikki almost always has on sunglasses.

We're studying French.

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I want everything put back where it was.

He does not like to take a bus, no matter when.

Your son is not interested in studying.

Can you account for why our team lost?

This is Pierrot's sister.

Cover your eyes.

Maria said to herself, "I'm really lucky".

I take these cough drops when I have a dry throat.

Nothing else is working.


Gigi is Greek.

You promised me you'd take care of Hume.

I hope we will be able to keep in touch.

We all regarded the situation as serious.

Ricardo felt a little uneasy as he walked down the deserted street in the middle of the night.

Let's have a Coke to beat the heat!

This isn't worth dying for.

I know what's wrong with Dani.

I've been studying French.

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When I saw him last, he was still a child.


I hope this isn't a mistake.


He came regardless of my instructions.


His condition is, if anything, better than in the morning.

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Izchak asked me if I knew Sandy's address.

"Now, boys." he said.

She is guilty of stealing.

Susannah is an expert in American history.

Brandon was carrying a briefcase full of cash.

He is the chosen one.

I think that we will manage to succeed.

What do you think he has in mind?

The dog sniffed the sick.

I got married when I was nineteen.

We have direct access to the information.

I just need a few hours to finish this report.

You never really know whether you can do it or not until you try.

Randolph never bothered me again after that.

We need a group of people we can rely on.

I wonder if she's still in jail!

I had to hurry the work.


We buy CDs.


You can think of the rest yourself.


Mario lost her favorite pen.

That road is still under construction.

Tomorrow is a big day.

Bob met her grandfather early in the morning.

I wish that I could help you.

Let me buy this car!

Which one is the department store?

Where did you crumble them?

Due to my lumbago, I won't be able to attend Koizumi's party.

It's my dream home.

I'm very angry now.

I like cold potato salad in the summertime.

Dr. Makino is looked up to by many people.


I wrote a letter to my parents at home.

Are you still based in Boston?

Wait up. I'll go brush my teeth.

Helen looked a little alarmed.

Don't make a decision right now.

They can't keep their hands off each other.

All Wendy really wanted was something to eat.

You'll be quite safe here.

You shouldn't have eaten the fish raw.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

I didn't see you at Per's party last night.


I wanted to replace it anyway.


Kusum is a salesman, too.


I hate to lose.


The conference closed at five.


Indra is having trouble making ends meet.

I'll consult with them.

I enjoy chess.

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Some animals are very active at night.


Can you speak French, too?

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My expertise at the Space Academy was astrobiology, aka exobiology.


German restaurants do not automatically serve water.


The first one to the riverbank won't be drinking dirty water.

See what you can find out.

I think that she is from Russia.

There is no one reading in the library.

I'm really worried about my child.


Could be.

Fay is feeling good today.

He failed to apologize for betraying our trust.

He is accurate in his work.

I'm here to stay.


Someone screamed.

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Violence will not be tolerated.

I have plenty of things to eat in the pantry.

Why don't you try putting a little salt on that?

The city in which she was born was invaded by the enemy forces.

What's your hurry, Duke?


Tell me about the incident.

He is intelligent and passionate.

The death toll from the hurricane climbed to 200.

I am Finnish, but I speak also Swedish.

She has cute dimples when she smiles.


We should organize a party.

I'm a pretty busy guy.

OK people, listen up.

I don't want him to give up.

You must not compare a man with a woman.

It's a slip of the pen.

The reform of the Chinese healthcare system is an acknowledgement of its failure.

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We'll try again.

He looks young, but actually he is over forty.

You're probably wondering who I am.


I'm just an ordinary guy with nothing to loose.

This method has its plusses and minuses.

I'm the type that avoids risk like the plague.