As far as I know, he is honest and reliable.

Even Brad doesn't do that.

Somebody swiped my bag.

How large is your family?


It's no good saying 'Isn't it?' to me ... have you double-booked again?

I knew exactly what to look for.

I play tennis after school.

Murray got a little drunk.

It is bad manners to eat with a knife.

Thanks to the favorable wind, we soon reached the island.

Thanks for the drink.

He noticed her embarrassment.

I've never seen that before in my life.

In this legal system, corporal punishment is imposed on adult men only.

I am happy in spite of poverty.

Harmon didn't want to answer my question.

We both teach each other the language.


Lea got very sick.


The police dug out some facts about the matter.


That boy looks a little bit like Archie.

If my films don't show a profit, I know I'm doing something right.

We're open for business.


Monica has been waiting for this.


The girl that I like is over there.

Joni would help us if he could.

Who are you hiding from?


I'm in Boston all this week.


He was so cranky last night.


I need to buy a gift for him.


There was a convention last month.

What colour were they?

It takes a lot of time to get used to married life.

Do you consume liquors?

What gifts did you ask Santa for?


Take this gentleman to my office.


Shinji goes for a walk after dark every day.

She has reddish hair, whence comes her nickname "Carrot".

Vidhyanath isn't at all upset.


We camped for two weeks in the national park.

Don't pay it any heed.

There was an attack on a worker last night.

What I saw was shocking.

Courtney wanted to have babies right away, but Shahid said that he wanted to wait.

I'll protect her with my life.

We just have to explain why.

Also Felicja has blonde straight hair.

Where have you come from?


Three pieces, including a small one.

He felt the lure of adventure.

Put your hands flat on the table.

Investment bankers are tearing their hair out over the crash.

Lynn walked into the cell.

We'll be well paid.

Everybody knows that happiness is in contentment.

I think that you are right.

The oldest movie theater in town is being pulled down now.

Did you find it?

Go straight on.

I'll go and talk to him.

No mechanical problems were found.


So what's your dilemma?

My wife thinks I'm crazy.

I was alone in the class.


I'll be in Boston by this time tomorrow.

Her party was really quite fun.

There's no need to get so angry.

Is there an English speaker here?

Cory tried to focus on the task at hand.


I never learned how to write.


Why would you think something was wrong?

These things happen.

I am not able to say anything otherwise.


I have ten pens.

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Shall we go soon?

He gave me the salt.

We have a lot in common.

I'm really in love with you.

My uncle arrived unexpectedly from Kobe.

Her father was a talented musician.

Nobody likes you.

It will be hot tomorrow.

He's not my type.


Did you propose to Bruce?

Margie plays tennis after school three days a week.

I'm chubby.

My meeting her at the station was a pure accident.

I run a tight ship.


Maybe you'd like to help.


If the life and death of Socrates was the life and death of a wise man, then the life and death of Jesus is the life and death of a God.

I didn't know that you could speak French so well.

Don't let him play with your phone.

I had hardly got into the bath when the phone rang.

This is my book.

Berlin is a very dynamic city.

No one told me this was going to happen.

I'm going to go to the bathroom.

I wanted to write something meaningful.

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Benjamin insisted.

Maybe we should tell Irving that he's being obnoxious.

Where's the party?


The chicken was wonderful.

Don't you dare cry!

I would prefer today over tomorrow.


Chuck can no longer walk without a cane.

I'm looking forward to the next month.

It took almost a year for the pain to go away.

I have certain standards.

Do you think this color will do?

Mr Brown has four children.

They've increased the salaries.

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"Are these your books?" "No, they're not mine."

They will not eat meat.

Please try again later.

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It may rain this afternoon.


That's quite another thing.

Are you coming to my party?

Connect the two cables together.


There's nothing left to eat.

I've got something on my mind.

We planted rice.

Geoff said something to Jochen in French.

I'll get him to listen.

Let's ally ourselves to that group.

Oh, no! My passport is gone!

Ritalynne said that the alarm was coming from the lab.

When will the Italian course start?


There are a bunch of kids playing on the street just outside my window.

This is really volatile.

Jill never got out of his car.

They had been without supplies for almost a month.

I have lots of affairs to look after.

The summer vacation has come to an end, and we will have to go back to school.

The police searched all night for the escaped convicts.


Brad's humorous speech thoroughly entertained his audience.


Can we get started?


Let me speak to her first.


I wish I could spend more time with my family.

Where shall I hang this calendar?

Nixon became very angry.

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We had a very hot summer this year.

Am I doing something wrong?

I don't mind walking.

I'm going to lose.

We need to make up for lost time.

Glynn knew what Naren was planning to do.

It concerns all the people living there.

I've been depressed.

I'll go anywhere with you.

They're all hungry.

It seems I'll be late today too.

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Don't cut your finger.

Due to the rain, staying at home would be a better option.

I'll have it done before 2:30.

I haven't had much sleep lately.

Give the cat some meat.

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I think you should've bought a better-known brand.

That made a profound impression on me.

Father, What were you just doing?

What subjects are you taking at school?

What's Martyn been up to lately?

I will see her again soon.

Lea pointed to the top bookshelf.