It's possible that they haven't seen each other's faces.

Does he say it of his own knowledge?

Justin drove home at 2:30.

I want to become more involved.

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You have such a beautiful home.

He said he would go to the United States.

Arne says he's climbed this mountain three times.

I just invented a new word-processor enabling to pronounce them backwards.

Because he is dirty and wet.

This table is just as large as ours.

Malloy gave me good advice.


This was great.

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The shop was pretty empty.

He sang while working.

To say is one thing, and to do quite another.

It's from your family.

When I heard the news on the radio, a chill ran down my spine.

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I clicked the link, but nothing happened.

I feel more alert after drinking a cup of coffee.

I want him to leave.

We're now assessing the situation.

You're off in your reckoning.

We fixed that.

You've defeated them.

This flower is yellow, but all the others are blue.

I need someone to talk to.

I had the good fortune to succeed.

Russell is as old as my father.


Dirk is a professional dancer.

Nathan asked his friend for the loan of his car.

I defy you to tell the genuine article from the fake.

Oliver is a thrill-seeker.

They are arriving here soon from Hong Kong.

There's no need for you to come here tomorrow.

Do you know of any inexpensive stores?

That was bad.

She wore a simple dress.


Miki hasn't been forgotten.


The doctor will be with you in a minute.

Graeme said he would leave on Monday.

Pilot and Saul have the same father but different mothers.

Tuna is curious now.

Ray and Merat have left.

That's part of my job.

Nowadays she is lost in tennis.

I don't condone murder.

I have a sore throat from a cold.

I'll ask him if he's busy or not.

He cannot afford the common comforts of life, not to mention luxuries.

Without his glasses, he is as blind as a bat.

Naim reluctantly gave Celia the money she asked for.

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We baked some cookies for them.

I said it might rain.

My problem is that I'm always hungry.

Tell Phillip to meet us at the subway station.

We got lost in the woods.


Great successes are due to constant efforts.

Should I bring her with me?

Show us where you found her.

I walk a lot because it's healthy.

She misses Boston.

Women like men who make them feel special.

Timo believed that the people in that small village were cannibals.

Anton isn't wearing any shoes.

Why are you waiting here?

I'm not interested in your religion.

Please take more pride in yourself.


That'll be fine.


It seems, from books, that the colonizers and adventurers went sailing off to a new fine life, a new country, opportunities, and so forth.


Try to be playful when you write sentences, as this forum isn't an office!

We've met in a chat room, around ten years ago.

She accompanied her words with gestures.

Ethan isn't as strong as before.

Kurt can't help but be jealous.

Helge was a bit woozy.

He's coming.


Jennifer has a heavy German accent.

The police have Ahmet under surveillance.

My best friend died of asphyxiation.

I think you resemble your mother.

With his new job, he's taken on more responsibility.

I'm glad you are all here.

My punctuation isn't perfect.

It can be told in a few words.

I lived there for years.

The only answer was war.

They are now at rest.

I like sleeping.

What's the minimum salary in South Africa?

When he heard it, he jumped.

Where's my other shoe?


Japanese cars sell well overseas.

The fifth of May is the day when Napoleon died.

We might not have a choice.

It's in English.

I don't like where society is heading.

Have you been in a fight?

Your dreams will come true.


Most Japanese eat rice every day.


You can't make me mad.


Events such as droughts, floods, wildfires, and pest outbreaks associated with climate change (for example, bark beetles in the West) are already disrupting ecosystems.

Don't you want to help them?

The prisoner was brought before a judge.

That was Chris.

I live in this place.

I thought you were going to go with us.

We deepened our friendship.

He paid much money to stop her mouth.

I went to a big dinner party last night.

This sort of work calls for a lot of patience.

Kylo got a call from someone named Phiroze.


She can sing and dance beautifully.

I didn't plan on being caught.

Please sit here and wait.


It's quite natural for him to think so.


The bar where Robbin works lost its license because they had been selling alcoholic drinks to minors.

I want to talk with my lawyer.

Lynne went out of his way to give you a hand.


I took Charlie's umbrella by mistake.

Last night I tossed my cookies.

A man can't escape his past.


She doesn't have a driver's license.

I'm sorry that happened to you.

I hope that I will meet her this evening.


I'd like to stay here with her.

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Why didn't you even visit Germany?

Being poor, he can't buy it.

Seek and you shall find, what is unsought will go undetected.

I want you to go with them.

These clothes are more expensive, but they are made in an eco-friendly and responsible way.

Don't ever say that again.

Ben came home Monday afternoon at 2:30.

The note is embossed with the school emblem.

The post office is closed.

What's the name of your insurance company?

Let's hope for the best.


Who have you got so far?

I'm able to lie to you.

I allowed my dog to run freely.


It didn't take a genius.


Do cats see in the dark?


I was kicked out of school.

I may have discussed this with you before.

He was in charge of maintenance at the chocolate factory.

The eyeliner pencil is used to make fine lines.

I'm waiting for the ferry.

What does this sentence mean?

They're watching you.

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He promised to return the money without fail.

It's in there somewhere.

I haven't heard from Ned in three weeks.

This is a very important day for us.

Kevan defragmented his hard drive.


One cannot study in such noise.


Robert had trouble deciding what to do next.

Do you know why they stopped talking?

We could keep it a secret.

This iron sheet is coated with tin.

That's encouraging.

I made the woman angry.

Milner reached in his pocket and pulled out some money.


She came to Brittany when war broke out.


Can you wait?


Geoff is watching figure skating on TV.

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Sidney is receiving treatment.