I'm not sure I can be of any help.

I prefer to study at night.

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There is an urgent need for drinking water.

This hotel is very near the lake.

Let's go somewhere quiet and talk.

You shouldn't talk to him.

That's a direct order.

That's a truly revolutionary idea.

Oscar seemed OK when I saw him.


Lars fixed the broken radio.

It's hard to tell you from your brother.

I tried to swim across the river.


It looked like Lewis was right.

I feel very sleepy, too.

It is important to distinguish between assessing the quality of a trial and the quality of its report.


He remained silent the whole time.

The last few days have been very busy for both of us.

You mustn't miss such a good opportunity.


They forced me to lie.


Carl wants to let it go.

Stop obsessing over that.

I followed him into the kitchen.

Skef beat me at chess.

He's one of my in-laws.


What's Jisheng doing here anyway?


They were moving.

Miriamne has something he wants to tell us.

I handed Andy the envelope.

It is not true that both of the parents tried hard in search of their daughter.

Devon said he was going to quit.


What did you do with Sergiu's keys?


They captured more than three hundred British trade ships.


Don't laugh at Ritalynne when he makes mistakes.

You'll get used to it soon.

If the shoe fits, wear it.

He isn't managing to find a solution.

We're behind schedule.

I was curious to know why Morgan and Julius broke up.

I used to own an excavation business, and run backhoes.

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I have to fill in for Nhan at the store.

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So long as you keep quiet, you can stay in this room.

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A good password should be difficult to guess, but easy to remember.

There is little room for doubt.

Eat with who you want to eat with.


I would be glad to help you, but I am very busy.


It's Saturday.

I know him very well.

You gotta agree that he looks stylish in that costume.

I gave it a try figuring that anything is worth a try. But putting together a program like this is something I'm no match for.

There are lots of people who don't have any idea about that.

She warned you.

They kept their relationship a secret.


Yesterday's board meeting was a big success.


Can you ask them to come in?


I was really cute when I was a kid.

Pierce is willing to do odd jobs.

You're the last person in the world I would like to see cloned; you're boring enough on your own.

What did Revised say?

We forgot all about her.

They aren't stupid.

He was, to some degree, satisfied with the result.

Oh, what is this?

It is my firm intention to do this.


Nichael got nervous.

We are dyeing our hair brown.

Per has flat feet.

You can't force me to do anything.

Tell Kristian you'd like to help.

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The police usually close their eyes to cars parked on the street.

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I don't sing.


The Voodoo religion is associated with Haiti.

I asked her to go to a movie with me.

Speak to the daughter-in-law so that the mother-in-law may understand.


He promised to meet him at the coffee shop.

It'll just take some time.

Did anybody other than Jim see her?

Gregg has been in love with Diane since the 8th grade.

We don't care why.


"Have you eaten?" "Yes, I have."

I live in town.

Jane wasn't very polite.

Reading makes me happy.

It sounds like somebody's home.

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I wonder what he's doing...

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Now, I also enjoy it.


She walked as fast as she could to catch up with him.

It is said that truth always triumphs.

Mongo isn't as rich as we thought he was.


We tried to catch Valentin.

The police held back the crowd.

I studied English when I was there.

Listen a minute.

I can't eat this.

Please visit me.

I need you to talk to us.

Your opinion matters to me.

Maples turn red in fall.

Is anyone out there with him?

You're in math class.


Skip's answer was quick and to the point.


If you don't reduce consumer taxes, we've got no deal.

You're reading.

I'm running out of ideas.

She is already married.

Why don't Nicaraguan Native Americans come to Managua?

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Gregge speaks with a lisp.


Don't shout at me. I can hear you all right.

That bar is one of his favorite haunts.

Someone is watching Mikael.


It was a perfect day for a wedding.

We didn't want any trouble.

Let's go and surprise him.


My opinion is on the whole the same as yours.

Ami recognized the smell.

"Do the kids get in line in a specific order?" - "Yes, by age please."

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Give me the key to this castle!


Peter is absent because he's in the hospital.

Wendell kissed everyone in the room.

I'm not able to do any other job.

Who should I meet but Rodger?

Hey, you two! What are you doing?

At present they're living in Campinas.

They restrained him.


Things can change quickly.


He made the best of the opportunity.

That has happened to me several times.

He's always late to meetings.


Frances isn't always as busy as he says he is.

He tried to speak by word or gesture.

Whatever you do, don't blink.

Can we save her?

Let me give you an example.

Clarissa needs to resign.

They live near the dike.

What makes you think she likes you?

Andre is an amazing person.


I wonder what Troy ate for breakfast.

His class makes us despair.

You've seen something, haven't you?

You had just enough time to drive to Boston and commit the murder.

We're trying to help you.

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Axel propped himself up on his elbow.

Now listen up well, these might well be my last words.

Keep talking.

I heard Johann gasp.

Jakob could be in Boston.

I should've talked to Arne first.

What's your preferred language?

Staying here isn't an option.

Gene needed to buy food.


Jenine was surprised to see how skimpy Hillary's new swimsuit was.


Moore is a museum curator.

You just need to reset the breaker. Hurry up!

I'll never see Those ever again.


Tickets are $13 online and $15 at the door.