You'll have to talk to Knute about that.

Now, exactly how much do you want?

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I didn't plan to hit him.

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It is mean of you to tell a lie about it.

Steen wanted a new car.

If you get another speeding ticket within one year, your license will be suspended.

This is an historic city.

John tried the basement door and to his surprise, it was unlocked.


I want to go over a few things with you.


Are you for or against this?

Quitting smoking is one of the best things that you can do to improve overall health and extend life expectancy.

I couldn't help but listen to Gideon.

It's small of you to speak ill of your friends.

What's holding you back from starting over?


This is all my fault.

The snow is very deep here in our town in January.

Hastily acquired knowledge was not enough to solve the problem.

This is an historical moment.

Kyle got his shovel out of the truck and began to dig.

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I need to tell you what's about to happen.

We probably won't do that again until next October.

Izzy made a joke about it.

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I wouldn't want to speculate.


I had a hard time finding his house.


I can't believe that you kissed Colin.


It's certainly something to think about.

I only wanted to make you comfortable.

I know his address, but it's a secret.

It is quite healthy being a little ill for a while.

Norbert is a public official.

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A Mr. Jackson came to see you while you were out.


Apart from that, I don't know anything.


It seems like a dream.


Being in a hurry, I forgot the money at home.

You should work more.

Can I take your order, ma'am?

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Tobias's first car was a Toyota.

Money won't be a problem.

Well? Will you come?

Malcolm is an expert in anatomy and knows every bone in the human body.

Mom-and-pop bakeries were overwhelmed by supermarkets.

These coins are of little value.

I don't see much difference between them.

Jeff wore the tie which Kim had given him for a birthday present.

Maybe it's best not to tell Murray.

Spy is the winner.

Our teacher is always cool.


We don't want to do anything hasty.


Olivier is the one who makes the decisions.

It's a miracle he wasn't killed in the plane crash.

Turn right at the next crossing.


Let me out, somebody. I'm locked in.

My shoes are too small.

Take a break, guys.

I'll go talk to her.

Martha thought Renu was hungry.

This isn't about Syun. This is about us.

I'm going to deal with him.

She complains of headaches, and that very often.

What do you say to playing cards?

He exercised his powers to the full.

Are you looking for a job?

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Peter became unmanageable.

Have patience with me.

She put on her bonnet.

I think Marian is trying to trick us.

Refer to my previous article.

How did you get Brett to quit drinking?

We've never seen anything like it.


I hope we can avoid that.

Spike refused to carry Sam's suitcase.

Louise would never go there.

She is constantly writing letters.

As soon as he opened the door, he smelled something burning.

I'll wait until you finish the work.

Do you have any idea when Thomas will arrive?

You don't remember, do you?

I see fireworks!

I want to get even with him for the insult.

You should take care not to catch cold.

I'd like to meet him.

Did you put my name on the list?

They all just looked at Vijay.

Do your parents know that you're here?

Sofoklis was genuinely troubled.

I am not married yet.

Darci was sitting alone at the kitchen table when Thuan walked in.

Roland was feeling sleepy.


Maria can't remember where.


I have supported you throughout.

Freemasonry is a belief in a higher power.

Sho is still ignoring Randall.


I began to be afraid you would never come back again.

Who's your favorite late night talk show host?

Natraj propped his bicycle against the wall.

I'm very grateful for that.

I can call my girlfriend anything.

Aebat, without saying goodbye, stepped into the gates.

Your words have given me food for thought.


He often thinks with his eyes shut.

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Barbra hailed a cruising taxi.

Everyone waited.

Put that knife away.

I'm flying to Boston tomorrow.

If you don't mind, may we inspect your suitcase?


I figured you'd want to know.

Don't you drag me into this.

She has forgotten seeing me before.

I don't know if I should turn right or left.

Thus our own Christmas fir was decked as a symbol of the celestial sun tree. The lights, according to Professor Schwartz, represent the flashes of lightning overhead, the golden apples, nuts and balls symbolize the sun, the moon and the stars, while the little animals hung in the branches betoken sacrifices made in gratitude to the sun god.

How are you going to explain that to Kerry?

I'm afraid that's out of the question.

They bought the same camera as you.

You've got frenzied.

Panzer is explaining the lesson.

Daniel thought Space had the IQ of a lizard.


The food is very good in the dormitory where he lives.


He studied day and night with a view to becoming a lawyer.

I can't read French, nor can I speak it.

He is the son of a wealthy family.

The food was horrible, and the waiter, surly.

I'm not that kind of guy.

Who wrote this book?

I'd like to have my hair trimmed.


Celia can answer.


Troy looked pretty distracted.

My name is not "you"; it's Ricardo.

Leon certainly acted drunk.

All were invited but me.

Bring mangos.

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She can't be all bad.

If this is not satisfied, we cannot say that the function is monotone increasing.

Read such books as interest you.

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Rudy prefers to dye her hair blonde.


It was all about looks.

That's something Werner used to do.

Jeffrey was obviously angry.

I may not have much to offer in the way of learning or ability, but I want to do whatever I can for us all and humbly ask for your favor.

I am sure everything will turn out all right in the end.

Gail and Bruce usually speak to each other in French.

Rakhal laid the racket on the ground.

The house was burned to the ground, with all its contents.

You have three hours to finish the report.

It's a difficult choice.

I sometimes wrote him a very long letter.

When will you ever learn?

They'll be arriving any moment.

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How come you arrive at this time?

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Cats like catnip.

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Hillel is still working on that.

She's very protective of her.

The fruit is green.


Sharada told Elwood he was hungry.

Have you been in touch with Ramon since he left?

We have so many students.

If he had been careful then, the terrible accident would not have happened.

Could I get one of those small damp towels for wiping my hands?

You're fifteen minutes early.

The new car is hers.

The deep layers of the ocean is still almost unexplored.

That guy today, he's being too eccentric - I can't keep up with him.

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Lisa placed her dessert on the nightstand.