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I am planning on providing frequent tutorials as well as information on my projects. I have an interest in information engineering, and plan to show some interesting things that can be done with computers. I have GitHub page which has some of my projects on it.
This is a new blog - so it is sparse on information at the moment. I am hoping that changes soon, but I am on term and very busy, so my time is limited, and many of the posts on here are unfinished.
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I am a Fourth-Year Engineering Science student at the University of Oxford, University College. I have a strong interest in Information Engineering, as well as Electrical Engineering, with a hope to become an analogue IC designer or information engineer.
My CV can be found 8123716600


I am currently studying:
  1. Mathematical Methods
  2. Computer Vision & Robotics
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Advanced Communications
  5. Microelectronics
  6. Optics, Optoelectronics, Metamaterials and Plasmonics
My Fourth Year Project is on simulations of advanced modulation schemes - including (C)OFDM, Index Modulation, Rank Modulation, and a new experimental method which could offer $n^2$ performance.

I studied in my Third Year:
  1. Electronic Devices (FETs, CMOS, and Semiconductor Devices)
  2. Information Engineering Systems (Estimation, Inference, Signal Analysis, and Image Processing)
  3. Control Systems (State Spaces, The Kalman Filter and Limits of Controllers)
  4. Biomedical Monitoring (Wearables, Imaging, and Quant. Physiology)
  5. Chemical Processes (Process Design, and Reactors)
I completed a Third Year project, which involved LQR Control of a chemical plant (that produces electrical power), for optimal price-efficiency.

I am looking for PhDs/DPhils with an emphasis on Communications and Information.
I have completed my summer internship at 7202081631

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