Above all, I take care of my health.

Derek was late for class yesterday because he had an accident.

All the students go home early on Saturday.

However he has to take it at fixed intervals, just one day without taking it is swiftly fatal.

She was taken in by that fake gold certificate scandal and lost most of her money.

Figuring a way to make a dollar comes ahead of thinking about how to do the job better.

I shouldn't have overdone it.

They've arrested her.

We work well together.

Victoria came to visit us just last week.

No sooner had he arrived than the bus departed.

I can't look the other way anymore.

Is that why you've come?

I like that my sentences are translated.

He has an interesting job, for which he has to work a lot.

Buy me another beer and I'll think on it.

She didn't know there was a translation of the Quran in Hebrew.

Why are you so sure?

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If you trespass on his property, he'll sic his dogs on you.

Dolphins are good swimmers.

I think I'm lost.

The land became a slum.

A paycheque is like menstruation. It comes once a month but only lasts a week.


This movie is appropriate for all ages.

Hmm, what's this?

The woman tried on one hat after another, then left the hat shop.


You should say what you think.


In Japan it is less expensive to stay in a Business hotel.

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I think he will do his best.

Let's hold fire for a few days.

I fully support your proposal.

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That landslide produced a lot of misery.

Is this your flight?

Don't talk about work at meal time.

I like reading the "La Ondo de Esperanto" magazine.

I need to get something to eat.

Mark never thought that Deb would say yes.

It's probably healthier to eat popcorn than it is to eat potato chips.

Didn't you like the movie?

Kenji plays tennis.

What are the meal hours?

Maybe Cecilia is just being modest.

If you don't want to do it, you don't have to.

I gave Jagath a mild sedative.


The air smells like spring flowers.

In the summer I go to the pool every day.

Who amongst them do you think is the coolest?

The spectators cheered the players on.

Did Marika take you to her father's farm in Iisalmi?


He walked awkwardly down the street.


I don't approve of them dating each other.

Dan was forced into an unhappy marriage with girl he had never loved.

I think that someone went there.

You should watch out for Kyle.

Nobody criticizes my country.

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Is it possible to see Venus tonight?

Neville looks real worried.

Their success has a lot to do with their diligence.


The teacher called each student by name.


The majority of the committee voted against the bill.


I took a casual look at the magazine.


Kit is slightly overweight.

I'm not as smart as you.

Joel doesn't drink wine.


I wish I had a chance to finish it.

I've saved a lot of money.

Don't get cute with me.

"What's the capital of Sri Lanka?" "Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte." "Correct!"

Lar is really good-looking.


Bret's a heavy sleeper and didn't hear the intruder smash the lounge room window.

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I hope you're hungry.

We have some important news to tell you.

Work is considered like a duty.

The doctor advised him to cut down on drinking.

I have an extremely important meeting tomorrow.

I'm not going to let it lie.

I don't need an SUV.


I wouldn't be so sure of that.


What does that feel like?


She woke up just in time to go to school.

My sister has made up her mind to be a teacher.

Your favorite singer is Whitney Houston, right?

I have no choice but to do everything they've told me to do.

Wait just a moment.

One morning, I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don't know.

Impossible is not French.

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Miri had a key role in arranging this party.

I'll take care of your child tonight.

They know things these people want to know.

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Does any other country fan the flames of patriotism as much as the United States?


How to attract and keep new customers for a small business?

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Hypocrisy is everywhere.


We need to get it done before tomorrow.


I cannot, however, agree to your opinion.


He replaced the book on the shelf.

He's feeling tired after German class.

Cris was glad to see the squirrel begging for food in the garden again.

I have to talk to Jaime about something.

Recently things have improved.

Hsi said he was the one who was driving the car.

I thought you were excited that I was getting married.

I met a friend there.

She abounds in good will.

He made a great fortune in his lifetime.

The meeting was adjourned until the next week.

It's possible I said that, but I don't remember saying it.

Galen is the woman of my dreams.

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A large percentage of bottled water is actually bottled tap water.

Loren calls me almost every day.

My son wants to be Lincoln.

You should calm down.

Please leave the light on.

She was looking for the keys in her purse when he attacked her.

Today, this is even more accurate than ever in relations with the United States.

Sharan was sitting on the bed.

Illegal loggers cut down the forest.


Roy'll lose.

No, I saw it. It's true!

Got us a butt on you?

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Japanese women tend to look tiny and delicate.

Please submit a sentence to be translated into other languages.

Don't you say you saw this coming!

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What led to the fall of the Roman Empire?

I bought a pair of sunglasses.

I saw a man dressed as a ninja.

I used to weigh seventy kilos.

The Palestinians are the victims of a racist and colonialist ideology.

He seldom gets angry or irritated.

Find Mikey and bring him home.

I like to play videogames, and you?

Let's be realistic.


You have a job to do.

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

I've heard Isabelle is really cute.

Now, let me ask you a question.

Would you teach me?


No blame attaches to him for the accident.


He conducts his business very well.

Could we discuss this?

There's nothing Indra can do to help me.

Cut the meat into thin slices.

Bonnie's room is at the end of the hall, on the right.

They must stay.

It is very cold this morning.

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You'll have to speak up.

Amos uses cannabis for medical reasons.

Tomorrow night, I am going to Narita airport.

I sleep on my side.

Tomas stopped crying as soon as he saw Dimitry and John.

What do you all do?

Rodney is almost back to sleep.

On a more positive note, we should be making a profit by this time next year.

To those who meditate the feet of God,who neither has desire nor aversion, evil shall never come.

When did you last talk to him?

I'm sick of hearing about it.

Did you write anything in your diary today?

Have you ever seen Buckingham Palace?

Could you prop up this mirror against that wall for me?

Peter arrived from the city yesterday.

They're hollow.

I need to impress her.

A grasshopper and many ants lived in a field.

I don't need a Facebook account in order to have friends.

Vic didn't have time to explain everything to Tad.

They are now widely used for communication, calculation, and other activities.