Neville sat by the window.

Ole showed us his home.

The tourists were not happy.

The only thing Patricia really enjoys is playing chess with Jose.

Timo looks like he might be sick.


I want to spend all my time with you.

It's nearly midnight in Boston.

Craig wanted Julian to help him solve the problem.

The subjects for the experiment were chosen at random.

It's really tough.

I can't possibly stay any longer.

Do you have python snakes?


Annard died in the hospital.

I know nothing about women.

Better be half hanged than ill wed.


Our company decided for consistent fees.

Everyone knows it.

Brandi came to play.

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Spy is in college.

You won't make it!

Would you like student volunteers to pick you up at Kansai International Airport?

Women today drink as much as men.

I wouldn't have missed it for anything.

It's not the time but the will that you lack.

Isabelle put two pieces of bread into the toaster.

I'm scared of what's going to happen.

Ray needs to buy himself some time.

Sanity said the reason he broke up with Dorothy was that she was very possessive.

The woman tried to shout out "Help!" but the word stuck in her throat.


Years passed.

Barbara wants to be a better person.

Running as fast as I could, I was able to catch up with my friend.

You're in safe hands now.

As strange as it may sound, what Stevan said is what really happened.

Watch her.

Great! Let's get together sometime.


It casts mysterious shadows on the wall.


I would love to see it.

Are you looking?

Houston, we have a problem.

Do you have a table for five?

I've been given a big project to shoot.


We're so lucky.

Do you think that's necessary?

Alain walked toward the entrance.

Hi, I'd like a deep-fried pizza roll.

I'm going to try to get back to sleep.

Did you kill Morton?

A lot of treasure was brought over to this country.


This is yours.

It's so improbable.

The building fell down suddenly.


I have complete faith in his abilities.

Hy is one of the busiest guys I know.

I have tried for a long time.

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Did you wait for them?

How many people were killed?

I'm going to complain to the manager.

I haven't got it yet.

Julius has a lot of books in his room.

Are all of Elizabeth's brothers still in Boston?

Sabrina gave me some pills.

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The guy jumped his bill at the restaurant.

What're you hunting?

That looks like Boyd, but it isn't him.

Remain on the lookout.

Her outrage is completely justified.


At first, I couldn't understand what he said.


Barbra is fully aware of the problem.

That proves nothing.

You're one of the kindest people I know.


Hohn was apparently murdered while he was sleeping.

Everyone in the car said they wanted to get out and stretch their legs.

I was absent from school because of illness.


Don't forget to mail this letter.


That's not our business.


The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to procure the largest quantity of feathers with the least possible amount of hissing.

I wonder if you can help me.

Our feud traces back to our childhood.

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Christofer had a problem with Manavendra.

Dick drew up to her.

I asked Danielle to play the guitar.

John couldn't play the guitar.

Vladimir and Donal know something they're not telling us.

What makes you think I'd want to see that?

That sounded like her.

He's very worried about you.

Would you mind waiting a few minutes?

When we told Koko the news, she was silent for about ten minutes.

What's so interesting about baseball?


You should come home before six.

It's unusual for defensive players to score many goals.

Quit staring at me.


Yvonne has a violent temper.

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What is your mother's maiden name?

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Why don't you cut your hair?

This site is quite useful.

I do not think that he will come.

My uncle will have been in New York for two years next month.

They did not see anything.


Oh! two birdlings, died of the cold.

I spend a few hours a day maintaining my website.

Don't be deceived by appearances.

Oh, what a scare!

I'm taking this to him.


She fainted when she saw blood.

Robbin is tall and thin.

I've seen it myself.

He is above all eulogy.

The noise startled Shuvra.

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The plan was approved in its entirety.

If I knew it, I would tell it to you.

Jeremy suggested that we go out to eat.

Pierre looks flustered.

She hates raw onions.

What was in the box?

Tell him how you feel.

Unfortunately, there was no one around.

Sleep's the best thing for her.

Joe was believed to have shot the prisoner.

I removed her number after severing our friendship.

Bart drank a shot of whiskey.

When is it going to happen?

I feel like I know you.

Malloy has been sick for a very long time.


They were hostile to any attempt at reconciliation.

She's in the kitchen.

I'm not going to stop them.

Stephan heard the buzzer.

Has anybody ever thought of this?

He should atone for his sins.

Evan declined to say more.

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We are always conscious of the signs.

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The lights are out.


My father made me wash the car.

I thought it'd be great if we could get Marguerite to play a few songs for us.

Look, I'm not doing this.

She tried to squeeze the juice out of the orange.

What were the symptoms?

Saul got beat.

I'll pass.


Don't tell me you agree with Ethan.


Let me have a look at it.

Is the human condition flexible enough to adapt to environments beyond Earth?

Honesty seems to be rather at a discount today.

At school we get a new textbook every month.

The small dog Laike is not the only animal to have gone in space

The book is small.

First time Bryce met Ross, he came across as a guy who wouldn't stick his neck out for no one.

Call if you need me.

Send me the amount by money order.

There is little, if any, wine left in the bottle.

We'll finish it if it takes us all day.

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I've always kind of liked it.

I'd like you to go with me.

The family received me very warmly.

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Winnie isn't well today.


Do you have a moment to talk about Jesus?

I think this one is good.

Do other people like me?

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Don't be a bitch.

I think we're getting better.

That means nothing.