February 14, 2003
Ah, love

In honor of Valentine's Day, what might be my favorite romantic line from a movie:

"I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

—Harry in When Harry Met Sally

February 06, 2003
A return

Silence propagates itself, and the longer talk has been suspended, the more difficult it is to find anything to say.
—Samuel Johnson

I had actually tried to find a different quotation. One that would subtly, yet fully, explain my outrageously long absence. Unfortunately, it does not seem like any estimable wit has had anything eloquent to say about the mixture of circumstance and angst that has kept me from posting here. On the latter, another blogger, The Ambler, did make this candid and veracious comment on journalists recently: “We hacks are characterized primarily by insecurity, and our lives are poisoned by a thousand fears, jealousies and resentments.”

On the former, I suppose Colby has already apprised most of you. (He didn’t mention my quest for a decent night’s sleep, however. Oh, and that our offices at work were flooded.) This site was first neglected because I became very busy organizing a networking and discussion conference for young journalists. I believe it was a success, and I even met a couple of interesting blogger-journalists from the West Coast. Around that same time, my landlord-roommate informed me he wanted the townhouse for himself. I get rather anxious when I need to find a place to live and spent many hours looking at and brooding over apartments. The good news is that I now live in DC proper. I also finally have high-speed Internet access, although it took almost a month to be activated. This has its drawbacks, too, of course—as an expatriate, I have plenty of friends and family just waiting to suck me into an IM chat. And yes, there is digital cable. It sort of sucked the life blood out of me. Along with the dreck one usually finds on TV has been some pleasant surprises—in particular, movies on the Sundance Channel and the Independent Film Channel. Ah, Neil LaBute, David Mamet, foreign films. (Although even I may not need yet another viewing of You Can Count On Me... Then again, I never tire of HBO Signature’s repeated showings of Sense and Sensibility. There are 10 HBOs, not counting the Latino versions. HBO Signature offers me “Distinct and diverse programming that appeals to today's smart, sassy, and sophisticated woman.” Ooooh. It “touches a woman’s heart, mind, and spirit.” Despite this, I still watch it. Must be the repeated showings of Sense and Sensibility.) And to think—at my last place in my hometown, I didn’t even plug in the television.

So I have returned and solemnly swear to do a better job this time. Just don’t expect much from me this weekend—I’m attending a colloquium.

Oh, and thanks to all who sent in notes of support. These really did mean a lot. It seems that not everyone out there is satisfied by the overwhelmingly political nature of the blogging world. The appreciation I heard for a blog devoted to culture is one of the reasons I decided not to scrap the project. (And some of these correspondents even have websites, so it was not, as I sometimes suspected, friends attempting to get me back to work.)

And perhaps a grudging note of thanks to those who publicly gave me a kick in the behind.