June 12, 2003
A Happy Ending

Go is a surprisingly fun, hip dark comedy that I can watch over and over again. Read the strange saga of director Doug Liman's dog, who was kidnapped here in D.C. over three years ago.

June 09, 2003
Russia's Tocqueville

Two illuminating and very different pieces on Orwell — The New York Sun writes about "Russia's Tocqueville" and tells how those who lived under communism are surprised by how well a man who never stepped foot on Soviet soil discerned their lives. (link via ArtsJournal) And The Washington Post's excellent book critic, Michael Dirda, reviews what looks to be a very promising picture of Orwell's beautiful second wife, Sonia, muse to many.

June 05, 2003
Raines Resigns

The Jayson Blair scandal has finally (rightfully) led to a regime change at The New York Times. Executive Editor Howell Raines and Managing Editor Gerald Boyd both quit today.

UPDATE: Ana Marie Cox's take—with suggested Cinderella ending. And the British tell it like it is.