December 12, 2006
Better than Google Books

Who cares if Amazon lets you "search inside" the latest of-the-moment bestseller? The scores of Mozart's complete musical output are now available -- free -- on the Internet.

Today the International Mozart Foundation put the "New Mozart Edition," which includes critical discussion, online. It's fully searchable.

Packard Humanities Institute of Los Altos, California, helped by paying German publisher Barenreiter $400,000 for the digital publication rights of the book, which Reuters notes is "considered the 'gold standard' of Mozart editions."

Happy birthday

"I am a world-class procrastinator. I'm only an actor because I've been putting off being a writer for 35 years."

--Bill Nighy, born December 12, 1949

December 01, 2006
Happy birthday

"I had a line in one of my movies -- 'Everyone knows the same truth.' Our lives consist of how we choose to distort it. One person will distort it with a kind of wishful thinking like religion, someone else will distort it by thinking political solutions are going to do something, someone else will think a life of sensuality is going to do it, someone else will think art transcends. Art for me has always been the Catholicism of the intellectuals. There is no afterlife for the Catholics really, and there's no afterlife for the arts. 'Your painting lived on after you' -- well, that doesn't really do it. That's not what you want. Even if your painting does have some longevity, eventually that's going to go. There won't be any works of Shakespeare or Beethoven, or any theatre to see them in, or air or light. I've always felt you've got to live your life within the context of this worst-case scenario. Which is true; the worst-case scenario is here."

--Woody Allen, born December 1, 1935