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One of the most important times for your relationship each day, is that point in the day when, after you have been seperated from each other by jobs and other responsibilities, you come back together. For most people 8554602741

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To get the full value of joy. You must have someone to divide it with.
- Mark Twain
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Romantic Tip of the Day
Being romantic does not mean having to do some grandiose act. A core of romance is being mannerly, open doors, pull out chairs, be attentive. The trick here is to do this on a consistant basis. Try it. MoreTips
Romance is the art of letting someone know that they are the center of your universe and that they are unique in all the world. Romance is the way relationships are built with those we love and includes your significant other, your children, your family and your friends. It may seem odd to think about romancing someone other than thatone specail person, but consider that it is our actions and the world we build around ourselves and others that strebgthens the bonds of all those relationships. At Cyrano's we want to help you build all these relationships. We offer tips and advise on actions to help build relationships and provide you with access to items that will help you your the environment and let those around you know how you feel about them.
- Cy & Roxy