You've got your whole life ahead of you.

I've known you for years.

Prakash would want me to help.

"Hey, were you able to complete your maths homework?" "Oops, I completely forgot about it."

She is wearing a hat.

That's what we call an "otoshidama".


Lynn says he has never tried eating whale meat.

Alejandro sowed wheat in her field.

Tirana is in Albania.

My grandmother is very old.

When do we get started?

Geoff is the name of my son.

Serdar could've been the one.

He was angry because of what she said.

Ginny said he wouldn't let it happen again.


There is a rumor that John and Sue will get married.


Dominick and I were both happy.

I had nothing to do with the matter.

I can't understand why he did that.

Dwight went straight home after work.

I often get up very early.

Who's Erik and how does he know me?

I would have liked to have seen 'Casablanca' when the movie was discussed.

The silver balls are around the red ball.

It was insolent of Claudia to demand special treatment.


She helped the elderly man cross the road.

We have a lot of rain in June.

I can at least take Pat home.

Hopefully I won't get sick!

This book is too difficult for me to understand.

I want Byron arrested for murder.

I'm worried because of his health.

Love is not what you think.

Come what may, I'm ready for it.

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Can you go to the beach tomorrow?

I like to cook traditional dishes.

I've gotten used to doing things my own way.

Surely no one will look for this sentence.

I demoted you.


She knows too much.

Chet began fixing dinner.

Regardless of the amount, Brian wants the correct, entire amount by next week.

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The shy boy was utterly embarrassed in her presence.

Coleen would've been impressed.

Stop eating high-calorie foods and swap them for a healthy, balanced alternative.

The chest is three feet wide.

The sunset is beautiful.

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You've got to be more aggressive.

Will you help us now?

Do you speak English fluently?

We're not fighting.

Murray has gone to the store to buy some milk.

I watched the car disappearing slowly around the corner.

I'll probably stop doing that.

All of the town was destroyed by a fire.

Frances gave me the name of a guy who can probably repair my watch.

Tony used to do that better than he does now.

We can save on translations by giving it to an employee whose mother speaks that language. -- And I suppose you save on the cost of a doctor by seeing someone whose mother had been a doctor?

This doesn't fit into any category.

That's much better, thanks.

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Both Val and John want to go out with Jarl.

I have decided to weigh myself every day starting today.

That wasn't our fault.


Johan made it as far as Boston.


I'm highly impressed.

He ran on and on.

Damon is taller than anybody else.


We're ready to move on.

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So, what is it you want me to say?

Andre doesn't respect Lorenzo's opinion.

Have you made up your mind about what you are going to give Sedat for her birthday?


After your answer I am convinced that: There are many clever people in Russia.

He was put in jail for writing the book.

It could be much worse.

We were on the point of leaving when Debi arrived.

It's been a long time since I've had a real vacation.

He's not a bad guy.

Donovan hasn't heard from Leo since then.

I'm three hours away.

Did Spencer pray?

She used to be a very shy girl.

We don't like you.

I'm not being unrealistic.

It is all the same to me where he goes.

I have just had a good idea.

They sell used books in this store.

I need a little time to talk to you now.

I bought a house in 2013.

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Pick up your trash.

If it weren't for you, God knows when we'd find out about their mistake.

One must not break his promise.


Where is the store?

We have nothing else to eat.

Winning isn't everything.

Val has been sober for ten years.

I'm planning to move back to Boston next year.

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How long will you remain in London?

It's not a pleasant thing.

I just can't memorize students' names.

This company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

The hounds are in pursuit of the fox.


I'd like to make a toast.

They owe a huge amount of money on their house.

Prakash will never ever forget Morris.

Let's try to come up with something better.

That was really exciting.


Why am I going?

It being fine, we started climbing Mt Fuji.

Let's go back to your house.

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I don't want to get my hair cut.

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I am not tired.


As usual, he got up early in the morning and jogged.

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Fold A-7 in half and stick it together.

You'll get well soon.

All the streets in this area are named after famous people.

I hate that word.

Brender hasn't cleaned the kitchen yet.


It's been a long time.

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The new boy is distant because he does not know us.

Rodger doesn't know what's going on.

We need less talk and more action.

It's not a bad deal.

He went fishing in between.

Vincenzo was able to get out of his car before it exploded.

I feel better today.

I always feel pleased when I've finished a piece of work.

I saw Miriamne give a flower Brender.

Mat had to go to Boston on short notice.

We've already done our work.

I know that she is Spanish.

We took turns cleaning the room.

I'll ignore that.

My brother bought me a small toy.

Mikey never got an answer from us.

Ozan says he needs time alone.

Vladimir works for the Australian embassy.

It really stinks in here.


Is it Friday?

Klaus was beaten to death with a tire iron.

I was very disconcerted to find that everyone else already knew it.

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Is she a doctor?

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I can't make him stop.


Petr didn't stay there very long.

Charley shelled the shrimp.

Shatter was terrific.

That game is easy, once you learn the basic rules.

I beg you to forgive me.

They established official relations in 1979.

It stopped raining, so they went on with the game.

Raman told Martyn not to waste her time trying to convince John to help.

I have a pretty good idea what's going to happen.


What's going on with you two?

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She isn't alone anymore.

Sanjeev isn't very religious.

We're playing on the computer.

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We'll talk to Ricky then we'll decide.

Getting there on time won't be a problem.

I told them you were hungry.

Truly my mother bore me as one of evil fate.

He studied day and night in aspiration to possibly become a lawyer.


Do I owe you something?

I roomed with a delegate from Algeria.

The cat is sitting on the desk.


I want to speak with her now.

Wash your hands before you handle the food.

I think I'm dying.