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We're not responsible.

Jackye knew there was no point in arguing.

I mentioned it to him.

Do you have the source code?

You are loved and missed throughout the world, man.

The helicopter landed safely.

Jayesh promised me that he wouldn't tell anyone.


Do you have any money on you?


The situation has come to the point where we either sink or swim.

He found it hard to put his ideas across to his students.

Nothing is more unhealthy than being sick.


Can we just eat, please?


I'd rather walk than pedal.

Things are going to happen fast.

Most workers belong to unions.

They went fishing yesterday.

When one of my coworkers starts racking up good sales figures I can't let down my guard.

I didn't know about the accident.

Would you like me to switch on the light?

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We're going to go camping.

Don't talk to Mario about this.

Did I miss anything?

The crowd gathered at the airport to see the President off.

I know you can't stop them.

He maintained that all occupations should be open to women.

The meeting will begin at 6:00 and dinner will be served at 7:00.

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His reply was short and to the point.

Albert realized Leila was right.

What? You can't do it? You coward! Chicken!

Why don't you go grab us a couple of beers?

Everything seems to be in order.

He works in the automobile industry.

Today's special is fish.

I called him a few times, but he hasn't called back.

The giant awoke!

It's not normally like this.

Are you for or against the plan?

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Hey, that smells good.


Did I catch you at a bad time?


Douglas was accused of lying.

It'll take about thirty minutes to get to the station by taxi.

Is there a message?

Did you order something?

Let my things alone.

Manny intends to play tennis every day during his summer vacation.

I was just day-dreaming.

I think Gale will be fine.

Are these studless tyres?

You need not write in ink.

Do you want to hear about what I did last summer?

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Greenland's meltwater rivers flow down into giant holes in the ice, called moulins, which drain through tunnels in the ice sheet and out into the ocean.


Food arrived on the table.

I heard a noise upstairs.

Some cruise ships have too many passengers.

They all look the same.

What would you like him to do?

I cannot help you. I myself need help.

You cannot go any farther.

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I don't see anything.

I'm learning how to write.

In summer it eats birds' eggs, wasps' larvae, berries and honey.

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Vijay was with a girl, but I didn't manage to see who it was.


Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes.

Tell Teruyuki I'm not in.

She greets him every morning.


This isn't a good reason.


I want to save Rolf.

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It stands to reason that workers are paid.

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This is extremely ingenious.

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He likes bread and butter.

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The windshield of my car was broken.

That tape recorder recorded his voice.

Did you take it?

The lyrics seem innocent enough, but if you listen to them closely, you'll realize how subversive they really are.

Cyrus tied his shoe laces.

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George's sister made some sandwiches for me.

In France, you must put a space before an exclamation point.

Antony went to school to learn how to tune pianos.

Singing without pay makes your throat hurt.

After the earthquake, Major's world turned upside down.

The person she's talking to is Allan.

I'm in touch with her.

Didn't you win the bet?

He left without so much as saying good-by to me.


She was so pretty that I was momentarily paralyzed by the sight of her.

This watch was handed down to me by my grandfather.

Would you like to say something, Christian?

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I don't feel like studying English today.


We only make Uighur food.

The forest hummed, whistled, and gurgled.

He didn't recognize me.


We returned the money.


He has just left home.

The cosmonaut is great.

She won't let you leave.

This is patently unfair.

The rabbi is on his way.

The rain laid the dust.

It's not my problem. It's Joyce's.

Osaka is Japan's second biggest city.

You should stay.

May I have the paper after you, please?

I can see you're not as open-minded as I thought you were.

I'd like to help.

Mechael is eating for two now.

The answer is going to have to be "no."

Santa lives in a small village.

The five brothers worked together on the farm.

Under a microscope, some viruses appear quite beautiful.

I still think that Anne will win.

Is that Jem's coat?

He lay down on his back.

Sometimes, doing the right thing is the wrong thing.

Just 13 people? That's all?

The explosion did a lot of damage to the building.


Takao's funeral arrangements have already been taken care of.

I wonder if I'll ever get married.

He is little, if at all inferior to you.

My daughter is looking forward to Christmas.

You were lucky to catch up with us.

Bad things happen.

I'll sleep in my room.

Did you leave a tip?

I may have to come home late. In that case, I'll call you.


Don't let me keep you from your work.


The man passed by without so much as glancing at her.


Gordon is younger than you are.

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Those two pieces fit together.

Human beings communicate in many ways.

No one wants to talk about books anymore.

It's rainy today.

Why are you feigning innocence!

I owe her for this.

The parents named the baby Akiyoshi.

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It's theoretically possible.

Kathleen is lying ill in bed.

He pulled her into his arms.

You should be ashamed.

Alice is playing tennis at the moment.


Can I use the bathroom?

What you're doing is unforgivable.

I just want to come home.


I have an important business to attend to in my office.

Hockey goalies wear pads on their legs to help protect them and to prevent the other team from scoring.

She doesn't seem to care.


Look at that!

Hilda picked up a pen and started to write.

She likes you!

I thought you'd be thrilled.

Blake isn't Hurf's brother.

I'll let him go.

We were all surprised at the news of her death.


There is no doubt that people prefer peace to war.

She's a soccer champion.

Swiper, no swiping!

Everything is in the hands of God.

I called her about thirty times.

May she take that chair?

Our receipts for the month will just pay these expenses.

It's really hard to drive on the bumpy roads around here.

Kurt said he'd help me do what I needed to do.

That's the reason she's late.

I'd be glad to do it tomorrow.