I have been in the IT field for over 25 years professionally, however, I first started writing code and developing interfaces in the mid 80s as a teenager using QuickBASIC for my sister’s salon. I have always found helping others solve problems using computers an exciting experience due to my interest and my never ending search for knowledge. I try to completely understand the problem at hand before jumping into writing code. However, in my early years, I definitely tried the reverse and failed. When I develop an application, I view it as a living, growing entity that learns as it gets older. I have several applications that have been growing for 15+ years now and continue to grow as the world of computing changes. Managing people is very similar to writing a program; some are easy and some more difficult. I have managed my share of both types and find, as with programs, the harder ones can become the more interesting ones.

I currently manage a development group of full-time and part-time information technology professionals. As an IT manager, I am responsible for project management, code review, security standards, and implementation of all developed code for Auburn University’s Office of Business & Finance. This includes Payroll, Human Resources, Budget Services, Cash Management, Contracts & Grants Accounting, Controller’s Office, Endowment Investment Office, Procurement & Business Services, Property Services, and Student Financial Services. In a nutshell, the money side of Auburn University. I have worked in both academic and administrative departments at Auburn and I find the administrative departments more interesting because they feel more like corporate offices.

I recently converted a full-time developer position into a group of student developers. The advantages of converting the position is to possibly find a student who wants to become a full-time developer for Auburn University in the future. It also gives me the flexibility to rotate out any students that are not performing to desired standards. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to hire students as developers as it gives me a chance to learn from them and also teach them application development, design, and analysis outside the classroom.

My resume for review and downloading.