Roxie, Maria! Come downstairs kids, food's ready!

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I ought to go there, but I won't.


By all means. Go ahead.

Can I use the laundry any time?

Maybe you should just leave.


Johnnie is lonely and unhappy.

She bought that dictionary too.

I'm pretty sure Tran's nervous.

My father wants to make a lawyer of me.

She said she was of two minds as to whether to go or not.

Was that a lie?

Do you want some time to think about it?

How many people use these?

Patty must be getting tired of waiting.

I think this is a case in point.

Do I have to bring my son to your office, Doctor?

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I don't know which dress to choose; it's a toss up between the red one and the green one.

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Could you direct me to the bus stop?

Daryl was convicted of first-degree murder.

My sister isn't studying now.


It's possible to study English with a native speaker almost anywhere in the world.

I graduated from the University of Kyoto.

I thought you might ask that.


Its value had trebled.


She felt faint at the sight of blood.

I think I know where Billy is going.

The road curled around the side of the hill.

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Jin can't abide Pamela leaving his dirty clothes on the floor.

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I don't like you going off on your own like this.

I have complete faith in my doctor.

The question is what is it.

You are the only one.

They went out to eat.

We have to find a way to reach Marco.

She lays the table for breakfast.

She was absorbed in reading the magazine.

Some house.

Blaine got paid more than he expected.

I talked to Kazuhiro today about what he plans to do.

Sorry sir, I'm afraid he may not be in.

Does that seem fair to you?

I remember a time when we could tell each other anything.

Oleg's angry.


I had never seen her look so lovely.


I got dressed early, but the workmen have not yet arrived.

Have you ever eaten Japanese food?

He blushed at his folly.

You are Simon, son of John.

You may see me there.


We're going to have a nice party.

Idleness leads to ruin.

They asked Blayne why she was crying.


Do you hate poor childen?!

I can't change who I am or what I've done.

He gorged himself on ice cream.

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He promised to help me, but at the last minute he let me down.


I wish you'd stop doing that.

People achieve more when they cooperate.

Just pretend nothing happened.

She sent me the enclosed check.

Let's play tennis. I've booked a court for 10:30.

Murthy used to practice the piano three hours every day.

You must be so proud of her.

They speak Spanish in Mexico.

Oh my God, she's wearing the same dress as me!

The police don't have a suspect.

Toufic really did a fantastic job.

So far my German is terrible, but I'll try to learn German well.

I don't have time to go to the movies.

I make it a rule never to eat between meals.

My fear is more than my desire to try.

He was in charge of the fundraising efforts.

Do you know where he was born?

Varda loves risotto.

The trains are less frequent at night time.


Put the lime in the coconut.

Teruyuki has to learn Japanese because he's going to Japan next year.

They are not transgressive.

What is old age? First you forget names, then you forget faces, then you forget to pull your zipper up, then you forget to pull it down.

He's worried we'll lose the way.

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I can't talk now. I'm too busy.


We passed by the pharmacy before coming home.

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It's time to start over.

We should not have angered Betsy.

Is this all they do?

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They're not real.

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I have once lived in Beijing, but now live in Seoul.


Nancy is afraid to go out alone at night.

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I realized I couldn't win.

Did you take your medicine?

In your view, can we judge other people's religion or not?

I have an emergency.

I acquired it.

The government's policies failed miserably.

He always makes a ready answer.

Are you recording this conversation?

When was the last time Duane was late?

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We don't have to follow her.

Suddenly, the basement I was in started to look almost nice and warm.

I thought something was wrong with Marion.

I've seen these pictures.

I visited the village where he was born.

The paper bowl is cheap.

Issue this order to your employees.


There will be other opportunities.

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What about you? Will you have orange juice, too?

Srikanth always keeps a set of jumper cables in the trunk of his car.

Life is like a journey.

I've made up my mind to go.

I'd like to change these pesos, please.


Just be happy.

I need them for an exam.

You cannot put the entire blame on me!

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You're more beautiful now than the day I first met you.

I understand that life without love is impossible for me.

I have stayed in Kyoto for three days.

You will soon hear from him.

Wouldn't that cause problems?

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Dan was living two separate lives.


I've already made it.


Dan didn't deserve to die.

Spock heard the sound of breaking glass.

I hope that you will enjoy this video.

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Many of the world's greatest discoveries happened by pure chance.

I wish I could tell you something.

Geoffrey is writing something on the blackboard.

We've done it.

I enjoy sipping on a margarita with salt around the rim.

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I live close to an old bookshop.


I was keen on classical music in my school days.


I can't go out.

Cookie is under the table.

I have studied Psychology to some extent.

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Marcos waited till the door was closed before he started talking.

My wife and I prefer to spend time at home together.

Regarding Professor Scott's final criticism I have nothing more to add to what I said in my previous reply.


Jerry had some interesting news.


The applicant impressed the examiner favorably.

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I can end your suffering.

Why can't you take things just as they are?

He absented himself from the meeting.

Did you shave your legs?

Mason doesn't want to see me anymore.

He characterized her as lively.

Glynn grabbed a towel and headed for the pool.

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I don't know if he's older or younger than me.


If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

On what platform does the train from Lyon arrive?

Although Malloy is sick, he's planning on going to school.

Maybe he did it on purpose.

She advised him to cut down on smoking.

How long will it be to dinner?

Jesper will be here any moment.

He is kind.

I need a bucket.


The Sun is over 300,000 times more massive than the Earth.