Look the word up for yourself in the dictionary.

I'll go and check on him.

Let's use this one.

There's no cure for this disease.

Myron was tortured and murdered.

He has no moral values.


Vicky gave it to me for nothing.

You should suppress your pride.

I played tennis after I studied.

Could I have your autograph on this book?

I'm very sorry to hear it.

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If you think it's simple, then you have misunderstood the problem.

You got distracted.

Where is the nearest telephone?

The stories in the Bible might be seen as interesting legends by Asians, but they are taken very seriously in the West.

We're all right.

Both their brothers are teachers.

Couldn't we wait a little longer?


How much experience do you have?

When did you immigrate to our country?

We have been apart for many months.

Ram wouldn't leave me alone.

Laurie had his house painted white.

She acted as if she knew nothing about it.

He cut him short by saying no.

Isn't it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do 'practice'?

Can you speak slowly, please?

Before automobiles filled out streets, city air used to be clean.

This is a nice place.


I like this blend of coffee.


Knut dreads going to work every morning.

He is a tough customer.

Marla is exercising.

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We're planting seeds.


Even though I ran down the stairs, I couldn't catch the train.

This park is pretty big; it has a lot of trees and many flowers.

Kuldip opened the medicine cabinet, looking for aspirin.

He derives his income from writing books.

Lois was chosen from among 500 applicants.


That's how it should be.


You're acting like a child.

It was foolish of him to trespass against the law.

No way!

He was a writer who had never lived up to the promise of his first novel.

Justin lived in Boston when he was a kid.

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A secret fan sent her flowers every morning.


Where did you look?


The Prime Minister said that he didn't want to pre-empt the findings of the inquiry by making any policy changes before its recommendations were handed down.

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The tie doesn't fit with my suit.


I think his death is a national loss.

The French Revolution began during Louis XVI's reign.

Mac didn't have any family.

They gave me what I wanted.

I don't know the reason for this.


I admire them both.

I have an eating disorder.

Obviously, his companions were jealous of his wealth.


He is strong as blood.

Did he know who you were?

Put two blankets on the bed.

Everything we've told you is true.

It was a lot harder than I had expected.

Third time's the charm.

Can I give you the assignment?


My sister and I hate the taste of peach.

He is a poet and novelist.

A nuclear war will bring about the destruction of mankind.

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I came just to see what you're doing.


You've got one now, don't you?


Juri got here on time.


That sounds really good.

Spock didn't get a driver's license until he was thirty.

Raja said that he couldn't vouch for Harry.

Sorry, I was dining and I didn't see the message.

You don't have to use such a harsh tone with me.

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I don't know how Vickie went to Boston.

It is a nice day!

I've used up my wages, but I have my bank account to fall back on.

What language do you usually speak at work?

I have work that must be done.


The school is keeping me occupied.

Does your wife know all this?

I just moved here, so I don't know anyone yet.

You're not going to believe me.

He settled down to his work.

My sister got a job with an airline company and became a flight attendant.

Although you are able to win, sometimes yield to a friend; since through deference sweet friends are preserved

Like I told you before, it'll be getting cold soon.

Avoid them completely!

Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.

My dog often lies on the grass.

I would like to make a request.

We had a wonderful weekend.

I don't know if this is the right thing to do or not.

I married when I was 19 years old.

They're changing the color of my dress.

Let's ask Drew if he paid his taxes.


Let's see if this makes sense.


Trang asked if she could share my bed.

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Sherri forgot to lock the front door.

Yeah, you could be right.

I am supposed to meet him at four this afternoon.

Light travels faster than sound.

When I had to learn English in school, at times I would bemoan all the irregularities and strange rules.

Barbra is the only one who doesn't have a computer.

Your blade... Do you know its significance?


She was satisfied that he was honest.

Connie pointed to the empty seat next to him.

Hilda isn't the one keeping me awake.

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If he is not rich, he is at any rate happy.


I will carry out my aim at any expense.

Don't call it a day just because the road's blocked.

I saw at a glance that the empty house was badly in need of repair.

He will do his best to finish it on time.

We'll meet you later.

This chimney is made of brick.

Jagath stopped in Boston on his way back from a business trip to Australia.


It is possible to determine a rock's age thanks to radioactive elements.

How many workdays are there this month?

We were supposed to sit together during the fight.


If the elephant is gone, who sulks for the tail?

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Do you know her personally.

The place where he lives is far from town.

Saiid loved the color of Gerald's new dress.

Let me tell you how to do that.

Sabrina likes seafood.

Just explain it to me.

When did you last sharpen this knife?

I've lost about 80 cents.

We have a right to defend ourselves.

He believes that Tai Ji has improved his life.

I love your apartment.

Are you coming to pick me up tomorrow morning?

Zero comes before one.

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Hiroyuki is a good friend of mine.

The party, therefore, had to take another route.

I'm excited about participating.

It used to be taboo for women to smoke.

Television has a great appeal for him.

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I'm going to cook for you.


May I please have your telephone number?

Here's my passport.

You stay where you are, Jelske.

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Just how tiresome was it to argue straight against the phrase "Don't blindly follow America's lead!"

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You should've stayed away.

I've been involved in a filthy trade.

They need him.

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I'm not qualified to do that.

I go where I want to go.

Do you live in the city?

Rodney heard that Darrell got married.

My cousin received the call of God and became a priest.

I don't think you should see Nancy anymore.

I thought we already did that.


One day this caterpillar will turn into a beautiful butterfly.


I passed the exam.


Much to my joy, I have passed the examination.

I can't wait to meet Deb.

Scott could tell that Loukas was expecting him to kiss her.