I owe her for this.

Major hasn't slept a wink.

This will be a good souvenir of my trip around the United States.

I'll pay attention. I promise.

Please come to my house next Saturday if you care to.

You need not have come so early in the morning.


Things are improving.


Put some ice on your leg.

He transformed a piece of waste ground into a beautiful garden.

I don't like fried fish.


I'm sure you're not going to do that.


This is my CD.


I changed my mind about going out and stayed home.


They kicked him out of the disco without any explanation.

He ran off with another woman.

Embezzle money? I wouldn't put it past her.


Customer in a milk shop: "I'd like three eggs, please." Sales girl: "Yes, you would like that, wouldn't you."

In English, the usual sentence structure is Subject - Verb - Object/Complement.

We're dealing with it.

I knew Sharan wouldn't kiss you.

The man attacked her with the intention of killing her.


Can't we just ask her to leave?

May I go out to play?

I never doubted Rajendra.

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What do you intend to do with the money?


"The more you see Glynn, the better looking he is." "Yeah, the less you see him, the worse he looks?"

I know one of them but not the other.

We won't take up the problem.


I killed them both.

I hate that more than anything.

I couldn't remember his name.

You take care now.

That star is visible to the naked eye.

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Roger ran up the stairs.

We just talked about stuff we did when we were kids.

Her words renewed my courage.

Ricky was fast asleep.

The police have caught him.


Why I can't register for that class?


Herve said goodbye and then walked out the front door.

Some day you will come to realize the importance of saving.

I've tried to reason with him.

I'd like to hug you naked.

Don't dwell on your past mistakes!

His health has begun to decline now.

You can let them go now.

Lance's cat is always waiting at the door when he arrives home.

I'm supposed to be in Boston today.

That wouldn't be healthy.

Jacobson was killed someplace else.


It is hard to define "triangle."

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Irvin's boots sank deep into the snow.

You know what I want to hear.

The author has a good style.


With all due respect.


The standard greeting among the members of the Super Secret Silly Stoat Society is 'In the morning, stoats are beautiful', to which the expected response is 'So are they in the moonlight'.

Harmon receives a very high salary.

When are you going to have kids?

I guess Brent changed his mind.

He ought to put his mind to something more useful.

I exercised like I used to, and now I'm all worn out.

Isidore lives in Wales.


It's easy for a slut to go from guy to another.

You are crazy to lend money to him.

Mrs. Smith gave birth to her second child.

I don't think that's very funny.

Mwa's mother is a very good cook.

Can you give those books to me?

This dog is our regimental mascot.


That's the guy I was telling you about.

I will do the homework.

Let me make plain what I mean.

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Mechael really fooled them.


Don't give way to their request.

Just try it.

The word that Sanjib and Vladimir were seeking, they found only at the end of the sentence, as it was the word that was "lost".

The boy's toys are in the bathroom.

You must be quite a liar.

Tell her that I'm ready.

Eva and Diana carved pumpkins.


Along the way, he stopped to make speeches.

I wonder if my brother will ever come back.

Maybe I should take this.


Here's an optical illusion: you think you are looking at a cube, while in fact you are looking at your monitor.

I had barely got in the house when the phone rang.

He must have been on steroids to have run that fast.

I'm not ashamed of that.

You can watch TV after supper.

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It sounds like you're having fun.

I hunt almost every day.

Tharen is expecting this.

His advice counted for little.

The police realized that Dan acted in self-defence.


Mats is obviously very good with his hands.


Working, healthy people contribute to the reduction of medical expenses, the rise of the eligible age for benefits, and the curtailment of their costs.

College students should study hard, but equally they should also make time for an active social life.

Straka checked the rearview mirror.

One who has everything can lose everything.

Do as you would be done by.

Each of us has to be careful when driving.

The problem is too difficult to solve.


Please don't push any of these buttons.

Linley's unwillingness to help surprised Aimee.

How would you rate that?

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As a matter of fact, he's going to the states.

Kevyn looks like he's enjoying the party.

Leaning on his bone-tipped spear for support, Jerry rises to his feet.

In another twenty years, the United States will no longer be able to be the police for the world.

She made an attempt to ride a bicycle.

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What don't you like about Sherri?

What do I care?

He rarely gives up.


I think we are really doing well.

Don't you just love it here?

I'm still here, aren't I?

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I think we'll buy that house we were looking at last week.

There's nothing to stop us now.

Don't worry your pretty little heads about it.

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What is apathy? Certainly nothing earth-shaking.


We will keep it for you until you leave.

Do you have any further questions to ask?

See to it that such a thing does not happen again.

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What exactly is your book about?

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Nicolette left his briefcase on his desk.

You've always had problems with Jelske.

They saw him enter the room.

That would be unfair.

Better never than late.

Would you like me to massage your chest?

Darren has known John since he was a little boy.

I'm having a housewarming party right now.

He was willing to care for that cat.

The river flowed over its banks.

You've got another MILF? What happened to the last one?

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The airport shuttle will take you to Tokyo International Airport.

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You're feeling better now, aren't you?

That man spoke little.

Always keep an open mind.

Everything is in place now.

He came into the room with his eyes shining.


Her long hair was chestnut brown.

I like to take my pad and pencil and drive to the seashore to sketch.

Illusion is the first of all pleasures.

She's young enough to start a new life.

The entry requirements for the essay competition are very strict.

This is his opinion.

They just want to have fun.

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Your house was broken into last night.

The "Red Dragon" is a well-known gambling and opium den.

I'll get it back from him.


That was freaky.

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We hope that you will succeed.


I erased my hard disk by accident.

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Is it normal for male teachers to make eyes at female students?


Shane is an emersonian character.