What's in this stew?

"What shall I do?" I said to myself.

He replied that he knew nothing about it.

Here it comes!

Julianto sat on the porch and drank tea.


She spoke Japanese well.

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A good biography is interesting and instructive.


It's almost time to get started.


There wasn't a living soul.

How many barbers work in this barbershop?

I am 12 years old and what is this?

Ssi hid behind the door.

I was alone in the classroom.

Look at the picture which he painted.

His heart sank to his boots.

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He made good progress in handling this machine.


I really should have called.

I hate the guy who lives next door.

They filed off the identification number so the engine could not be traced back to the original car.

I couldn't do anything for Gypsy.

The unconscious person feels no pain, but for the family and friends it can be a long and painful experience.

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I'm not as agile as I used to be.

Novo peeked through the blinds.

Return the money to him at once.

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I know Jared was angry.

Hotta and I were just talking about you.

We spent three hours in the open air.

I know what I need to do.

At the age of seventeen, he fled his native village.

I am not a pacifist.

Someone left their umbrella in the hall.

They say there will be elections soon.

Don't dash off a sloppily written report filled with mistakes.


Where is the ship now?


Let's switch to French.

Arne and Howard aren't married.

She was depressed by all her problems.

I spilled egg on the floor.

Get away from me!

Clay begged me to go with him.

Have you had breakfast yet?


I'm fixing something.

We can't give up now.

Jane must stop giving way to her desire for chocolate.


Kenton minded her neighbours' children while they went to a funeral.


Kitty earns three hundred dollars an hour.


Gigi has a broken rib.

You'd better rewrite the article.

Why did you yell?


Evelyn isn't dead yet.

She is rich, young, and beautiful.

He is no fool.

I can't find the hotel.

The fuel tank in the car is full.


Pia wasn't happy about it.


We can't just leave him.

She kissed me on the cheek and said goodnight.

You remind me of myself when I was your age.


He crossed the road on foot at the red light.

Stephanie is a recovering alcoholic.

Blair doesn't live here anymore.

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What's the matter, Sofia? Are you crying?

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This isn't the worst of it.


Where did you go to college?


You guys are crazy.

Her new novel has become a best seller.

He likes money.

Far be it from me to suggest you haven't checked your source.

If what Donovan told me is true, then we have nothing to worry about.

Although she grew up in Japan, she still speaks fluent English.

You're not one of us.

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You should've let me help you.

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I didn't send an email to Kirk today.

I stayed home to rest.

I want to know why.

Kent and Walter wrote a paper together.

She found out that the computer he had sold her was stolen.

Elijah seems to know just about everybody.

She shaves her legs many times a month.

Let's check our facts carefully before we say anything about this.

John listened carefully.

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You should ask No for advice.

Sunil is an impostor.

Hello, new timer here hailing from Canada!

Martyn waved goodbye and drove off.

Do you know where I could buy another one of these?

My courage failed me at the crucial moment.

What're you going to do about these rats?

We're too soon old, too late smart.

If he had had time, he would have visited us.

I have no idea where Axel is now.

I wonder if Ira will get here on time.

I was thinking of buying a new car.

I think you should get more rest.


The news made him happy.


He told me that I looked pale and asked me what the matter was.

Measure the length of the stick with a ruler.

We live by the sea.

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I don't intend to leave it to chance.

Is it true that you have a brother in Germany?

It's starting to snow.

We're going to be needing this.

Rabin made Thomas some cookies.

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You haven't told Marguerite yet, have you?


Everybody laughed at the way Terri was dancing.

I'm successful.

They left this.

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That river quickly overflowed due to the downpour.

I came to tell you that you don't need to worry.

The fans cheered.


Can't you vacuum later?

I got lucky.

One of her three cars is blue and the others are red.

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In Western cultures we associate life after death with the heavens, while Polynesians believe that our life continues in the depths of the ocean.

I don't like to cook when it's hot outside.

All entries are subject to review once added.

He's the president of the bank.

I thought you were hungry.


Her argument was not built on facts.

A lack of exercise is bad for your health.

Don't ever look at me again.

I already know why you're here.

You won't find anything here.

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Chet is a really bad cook.

Cecilia got a D on his test.

The people sought truth in every nook and cranny, and it was there between them that the truth was crushed.

I've got a suggestion.

Merton is giving you a second chance.

What's the bad news?

Ellen said that Nhan likes you.


Didn't you get Owen's message about today's meeting?

I'd like to say three sentences about that.

He obviously knew more than he told his wife.


This should not be allowed.

You don't have any proof.

I've never seen such a lovely girl.

Geoff was never convinced that John and Shannon were husband and wife.

Now your eyes must be removed.


The failure depressed him.

I could not do this with an easy conscience.

This is no time to be funny.

Pria goes jogging almost every afternoon.

She is not old enough to travel abroad by herself.

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That was wicked of him.

What did you say?

The two daughters are different from each other.


I do not think they will accept these terms and conditions.

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He is thinking of disposing of his house.

Who told you this?

Olivier leaned back and stared at the ceiling.

Classes start at eight in the morning.

It's no good his trying to find the true reason.


The lie got him in trouble when his boss found out the truth.

Please tell him.

The enemy has demanded our surrender.

I'm sorry I brought it up.

I'm beautiful, no matter what they say.