The students stayed quiet.

I almost died with embarrassment when I fell over in the street.

She is full of potential.

Let's share this money between the two of us.

Short pleasure, long repentance.

I feel like having an ice-cream.

He keeps surprising me.

I told you we had a lot in common.


She was delicate from birth.

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Maybe you can get Elijah to run the marathon with you.


Our random selection has chosen you as a possible winner!

Nobody knows how to do that.

That's exactly what Lea did.

I have to study French.

Sometimes, in the still of the night, I imagine how much better the world could be if everyone learned Esperanto.

Look at that smoke. That building must be on fire.

This kind of specialized knowledge has very little to do with daily life.

You have done these things, and I kept silence. You thought that the "I AM" was just like you. I will rebuke you, and accuse you in front of your eyes.

Mother boiled ten eggs.

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I have this under control.

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There are a lot of children playing tag on the playground.


The author described the murder case vividly.

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The castle has been restored and is open to the public.

You need to swallow your pride.

Jesus wanted to be a scientist.

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Do you think Vladislav is too young?

I'm glad no one was hurt.

I want him to stop erasing his comments immediately.

Nobody hurt me.

I don't know what it's about.


I see no need to tell you.

Let's all go together.

Like Jiri said, this is a waste of time.

Harmon was stabbed with a knife.

See to it that you don't make the same mistake.


That is a very important objective and it will be quite tricky to achieve.


It is said that man is different from other animals in that man uses language.

This school has many students.

Whose idea was it?

I didn't post the exams results online.

His breath reeks of booze.

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The mother said little to the sons.

Well, I don't know where you're from, but in Boston, people who want jobs wear ties.

I'm younger than he is.

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It was just an educated guess.


I got my hair dyed black.

Valerie shaved his beard off after becoming a fan of stoats, since stoats, the paragon of beauty, don't grow beards.

Yuri Gagarin flew only one space mission.

I'm concerned whether or not I can handle a big job like that.

Maureen is writing something.

I think it's fair.

What's your favorite music group?


The orbiting of Earth around the Sun obeys to many complicated laws of physics.

Bonnie can't handle this.

You are too kind to me.

I want life to be the way it was before.

Trying likes to observe birds.

If possible, I'd like to receive new information about this case.

Your lips are blue. You should get out of the water.

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It's so nice to be back.

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This kind of restrictive legislation is bound to hobble the economy.

Frances is going to enjoy it.

I need to pick out a Purim costume.

I believe that the boy is honest.

At every goodbye my heart trembles with fear that you will never come back.

Not everybody knows about my plan.

My grandma is a very independent person.

The dynamite went off with a bang.

Who caught Herve?

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Nikolai helped her mother to cook.


She was beside herself with grief at the news of her son's accident.

Dwight invited me to his house for dinner.

If you should do that, you would come in for severe criticism.

Famous vibraphonist Stefon Harris has recorded at least one balafon solo.

Maybe I should go talk to Everett.

I'm sure Nichael meant no disrespect.

We don't have a choice.


How much do you charge for a one-hour lesson?

What should I order?

When did you get to know me?

Your opinion is far different from mine.

The insect ate the peach hollow.


Can I see you for a second?

You won't have to hide any longer.

Phiroze closed his briefcase and handed it to Bertrand.

How can you just stand there and do nothing while your countrymen are slaughtered?

He is humble about his opinion.

We need to destroy this tape.

Syed will go there with me.

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Ariel said it was OK.


I am not sure yet if I will go to a university or get a job.

Nici could've been seriously injured.

Her illness prevented her from attending the party.

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It's all very simple.

That's all you get.

I'd like to buy a washing machine.

Vampires must drink blood to survive.

I like to read books.

I see, you were joking.

I'll invite whoever wants to come.


Vassos is staying in a homeless shelter.


He's very open.

We were in last place.

He wore a pirate costume for Halloween.

Danger lurks around every corner.

There are also other choices.

Caleb and Irving are longtime residents of Boston.

We're in trouble.

I'll make it up to Harmon.

A Russian chemist discovered the structure of that poisonous compound.

I do not like to perform in front of others.

I love to watch people's reactions when I say who I am.

I invited Mwa to eat dinner with us tomorrow.

I'm different now.

The outside walls of the auditorium are terribly stained. It is, in part, due to acid rain.

The dishes can be washed in half an hour.


She sometimes helps her mother.

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They didn't speak English very well.

This root vegetable is high on nutrients.

Guido doesn't know where Pravin is right now.

Take a break, or you'll fall apart.

At this rate, Japan will make an exhibition of itself before the world.

If it is true that the Greeks forbade women to go to the play, they acted in a right way; for they would at any rate be able to hear something.

I was delighted to hear it.

It's not hard to find.

Water changes into steam.

You can't really expect to win.

Varda has got some bad news to tell you.

Each person or small group had to build their own boat.

I have a conservative neighbor.

He was a good fellow at heart.

The Iowa caucuses will be held soon.

Dan was brokenhearted.

You've got nothing to be scared of.

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Who let you in here?

I thank you for the trust that you have expressed in me.

When Cathryn touched that stone, he woke an evil and revengeful spirit that asked him to make a wish.


We danced all night long.

Do you have a raincoat?

I think Diana is hungry.


They labored over the budget for the fiscal year 1997.

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I am good.

She's wearing sunglasses.

In the lights of some, freedom necessarily includes the freedom to starve.

We can try harder.

Please show me that.

How long have you been here?

It is starting to sink in that we can't ignore nature.

I'm not working for him.

She saw herself as the world's savior.

Earnie has a son named John.

Dick was ten years old when he died.

They looked at me somehow strangely.

He had no more than one hundred yen with him.


I'm going to need some data.

This is going to happen.

Special forces and marriage don't go together.

Murthy sounds like a great guy.

In the mean time, let's have a sit down.


Do you have any grandchildren?


Don't forget to ask follow-up questions.

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The long voyage was a trial for us.


My grandma gets up early.