I've lost my interest in living.

My salary is 300,000 yen.

They loved Kirk.

As the days passed into weeks, even the teacher praised him, for he saw him attentive, hard working, and wide awake, always the first to come in the morning, and the last to leave when school was over.

I'll see if Laurent is up.

Don't get angry with her.

You've got the advantage.

When will the prisoners be executed?

You guys stay here.

All men are equal according to law.

I remember meeting you before.


It was inevitable that they would meet.

Fritz hopes he doesn't become a workaholic like his father.

You made her blush.

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Sharon isn't a lawyer yet.

She is by no means beautiful.

What can we say?

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The sweat stood on his face.

Are you still mad at Takayuki?

There's no one missing.

Congratulations on your victory.

How many innocent civilians were killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Life must be faced and we have to look ahead.

Leif wondered what Courtney was trying to do.

They went to the station by car.

I can understand your confusion.

Lonhyn and Sanford kissed each other.

I know Paul did it.


I forgot the book.

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Ed offered Juha something to drink, but she said she wasn't thirsty.

I don't think anyone saw us.

Why are you late?


I'm just warming up.


What's wrong with this one?

She once proudly stated that she was going to lose 5 kilos of fat in a single month.

It's because he lived in the United States for five years.

He was in time for school.

I admired Tuan's work.


I am writing to express my dissatisfaction.

Could you please say that once again in French?

Natto smells awful but tastes delicious.


My books don't sell very well.


Eat and drink up.

We have been studying English for three years now.

Imported cars account for less than eight percent.

We have to talk to Sharon.

First thrive and then take a wife.

I thought you might not want to help us.

Some people don't go to a doctor because they can't afford to.

The speaker was so famous as to need no introduction.

I'm always bored on Monday evenings.

Commodity tax is not included in the price.

I began to be tired.

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Here is the final agenda for the meeting on June 16.


Stamps are not sold in this store.


I don't feel like anything.

What kind of plans do you have for the weekend?

I'd like to tell you something in private.


She is not just intelligent, but pretty.

I remember the year when he got a job.

What are some cute girl hairstyles?

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Most of my children live in Boston.

There are conditions.

This might be the last time we ever see each other.

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Patty must've changed it.

I'll pay you at the end of the month.

This year's fashions are quite different from those of last year.

Arne had a paintbrush in his hand.

She was always surrounded by high-quality goods.

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He was a general in the Second World War.


Rajeev suddenly realized he was in danger.

Nelson Mandela was one of those rare people who manage to win universal acclaim throughout the world.

I'll take Slartibartfast to dinner.


Jacobson shouldn't have told Frederick his secrets.


How was the French class?

Avoid prolonged use of the console. To help prevent eye strain, take a break of about 15 minutes during every hour of play.

Exactly, you must be him.

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I'd better go check on them.

Reading is his chief amusement.

The sun has gone down.


I met him while he was studying.

Finish the story.

Dimitry had a great love for the theater.


We really had a hell of a time getting up to the 20th floor of this building.

I'm not sure, but Niels may come.

Nicolas told me he was headed home.

They had good chemistry.

If Deirdre hadn't eaten the mushrooms he found in the woods, he'd be alive now.

This is the mildest winter that we have ever experienced.

His brave deeds brought him a medal.

The vehicle is so deformed that the fire department needs to cut off the roof.

My grandfather never dyed his hair.


Some insist that the Spanish hostel is a pornographic film.

Toft says he understands how Panzer feels.

You're just like I dreamed you'd be.

I don't want everyone to think I'm stupid.

Sriram behaves like a child.

Socorrito spends most of his free time studying French.

Temperatures will get lower.

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I was waiting for him.


Rakhal has a ranch.


After death there is nothing.


The United States borders Canada.

We're taking it slow.

Of the three boys, Bill behaves most politely.

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Clark's not ready to go.

Don't buy me presents anymore.

She paused in surprise.

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I understand what he's trying to say.

Get a few hours sleep.

I don't know who my mother is.

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He was drunk and angry.

The Cold War may have ended, but the fear of war has not yet been removed from the minds of men.

Don't crack a nut with a sledgehammer.

They both are in the garden.

The book that I bought hasn't been delivered to me yet.

You're so immature.

I don't want to complain, but it's two o'clock and we still have to eat.

He promised to come, but he didn't come.

She's my chief assistant.


I'd be happy to do whatever I can.

I just moved here.

Rajendra always wears fashionable clothes.


You will be sorry for it some day.

God created the earth in six days.

This picture reminds me of our happy days in England.

As a matter of fact, he doesn't agree with me.

The memoir breathes the deepest respect for his father.


These dirty socks stink.

She had never kissed a boy before.

Things got a bit hectic.

This issue should be voted on.

I haven't met anyone that boasts of being a jazz pianist.

Danielle is an oncologist.

Sam is familiar with things Japanese.


What else should I do?

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Lynnette will end up in jail.


What did you do to your hair?

You're still up?

No one should ever have to do that.

Enough is enough!

I just wanted to say hi.

Can you recommend a place for me to stay in London?

They're criminals.


This is all I can do for you.

Lois is allergic to strawberries.

The tiger was killed.

When told an American ambassador had been seen sneaking into someone else's room, President Kennedy remarked, "I guess I need to hire faster ambassadors."

Is it an obsession?

Are you sure you know how to do this?

I don't remember asking for your opinion.


She forgave him.


Why won't anyone tell me the truth?


Dragons are imaginary animals.


What happened last night?

I have work to do now.

How did she make that?