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I had a quarrel with him about trifles.

You'll always be special to me.

Teruyuki is an athlete with extraordinary speed.

Pam practices martial arts.

He cannot be an artist.


I think Dominick is going to want to see this.

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I've spoken to her about it.

I noticed her the moment she got off the bus.

Good wine needs no bush.

There won't be any surprises.

I'm sure Sandeep had to work late.

The square of the length of the hypotenuse of any right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the lengths of its base and vertical sides.

Wes quickly left the room.

Liz doesn't speak French as fluently as you do.

I've heard that Kathleen buys things on the black market.

Everyone called out to the singer for an encore.

That book is very old.

Ralf is very attractive.

He said that he was hungry.


The medium allowed the spirit to take control of her body.


I make it a rule to play tennis with him Sundays.


You're late.

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Why did you bring them here?

Did you think I was Canadian?

I wanted to make some telephone calls.

We'll be right behind you.

I saw them get on a bus.

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We've just started.


They knew the names of every leading actor and actress.


The future is a woman with an invisible face.

Rumor of a riot was in the air.

Let's get them.

Let me talk to him alone, OK?

I never saw him before today.


How do you know I'm not from here?

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Since there are no buses on this road, we will have to walk.

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Philippe downed his coffee.

If not for me, do it for him.

Rahul kidnapped Saul.

You must be prepared for the fact that he could drop by at any moment.

Neither she nor you will forget what has happened.

Mayuko doesn't get enough sleep.

We could see the helicopter hovering above the pond.

Suwandi doesn't yet realize what he's lost.

This time I defeated you.


He tires easily.

There are beautiful flowers in the garden.

The dress in the window caught Fred's eye.


Every good restaurant has vegetarian options.

Eugene looked fine Monday.

Oliver settled Stanly into bed and read him a bedtime story.

His daily behavior is not consistent with his principles.

Marcel is bound to succeed this time.

I heartily support you.

Are you widowed?

Stephe needs money.

Martin died this morning at 2:30.

I hope you don't get sunburned.

Mohammad taught Amarth how to fly a kite.


I can't wait for Valentine's Day!

Please make my excuses for absence to your mother.

They needed money.

My, my, what an awesome game we had last night!

Are the Giants playing tonight?

Come on. Let's have a little fun.

He introduced me to her at the party.

My decision to attack at this time and place was based on the best information available.

Will you try to play the trumpet?

This golf course is not open to non-members.

Jones smiled when he saw Dion.


I tripped over a stone.

I think times are changing.

Don't enroll.

I'm afraid.

He was peeved by what you said.

I'm losing control.

Jesus is a racist.

Yesterday, he read the most interesting novel.

Dirk didn't mean to hurt Eddie's feelings.

Don't pry into my private life.

I'm calling him back.


There may be more questions later.

I need some help with my work.

Shelley was raised by her father.

It's a bit flimsy.

Mr Miyake showed me lots of places during my stay in Kurashiki.

Find me a glass.

He left after he had lunch.


You're the only one who's seen Sandy.

Maria knows very little about economy.

Johnny has never visited Boston.

Ladle the soup into everyone's bowl.

Water was found in the dead man's lungs.

She's supposed to be taking a nap.

He has writing talent.

Rajesh gave Stuart the thumbs up sign.

Sergei took the prize for idle chatter.

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How many margaritas have you drunk?


Leslie didn't have a whole lot to say.

They wanted to get married as soon as they could.

Does everyone get the plan?

He is called a walking dictionary.

Naim gave something to Jun.


Soohong will depart soon.


I agree with their plan.

You can't buy it anymore.

The child painted her father.

Both my parents are dead.

He acknowledged his mistake.

I assume that's what you want.

She was anxious lest she might miss the train.

Let's start the party when he comes.

Did anyone come in my absence?


The father of this president was also a president.

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Please extend this visa.

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What kind of book do you want?

It's too late. I'm dying.

Who gave the command?

The trees will soon be bare.

Which films are showing now?

I was on the hunt for lodgings.

I was called out to the scene of the accident.

Why don't you just hit him?

We took a rest one after the other.

Lucifer is a very affectionate person.

Bermuda triangle is a mysterious place.


I desperately need to touch up my makeup.

The man has even less cake.

I do not get up early.

We're not used to visitors.

Pratap wanted to buy those boots.

We've eaten pizza and chicken at noon.

I plan to go skiing in Hokkaido.

He's very angry.

Where does this street lead to?

Who wants more coffee?

Maybe you're in love.

Do you think it could be the same Nicolas Jackson?

I'm still not satisfied.


You never treat me right!

I broke my phone.

He had a bad time.

What is required here is discretion.

I should've let her go fishing.

I am very busy practicing after school.

How's school going?

Don't worry. It's a common mistake.

I'll escort you.


Valeria is in his late thirties.

Could you wrap this for me?

The cat sleeps on the table.


The drink made Beckie sleepy.


Your idea is ridiculous.


Olson was smart about the way he set all of this up.


How far is it from here?

I forgot to ask Shari.

I see what you meant.

I didn't know you still cared.

The Russians have never lived as bad as under the Obama administration.


Swampy land is no use for building purposes.


Are you hiding from Dana?

You look doubtful.

There's water in the classroom.


That'll cost you extra.