I think you might have a drinking problem.

Sometimes you just have to do things you don't want to do.

I'm tired and want to lie down to sleep.

I would have to agree.

I broke a glass.

Our team won their match yesterday.

Vermont is located on the border with Canada.

I'm a little rusty.

Would you please stop talking?

Evan walked fast.

It wasn't on purpose.

Extra special treatment is imperative to get the vessel through government red tape, so that she can leave port on time.


Promise me you won't say anything stupid.

What does Hui want you to do?

Are they all nuts?

Janos abuses his authority.

The police used a battering ram to break down the door.

I argued her out of going skiing.

I'm just trying to figure out why someone would do such a thing.

The teacher claimed that he'd have us all speaking fluent French in three months.

I can't stand to watch you.

Ammonia's molecule is composed of four atoms.

I don't feel so special.

Have him do it.

Jianyun is faithful.


The boy who is swimming is my younger brother.

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I'll join you in the library.

I wasn't lying.

Fred has a serious problem.


Fletcher pretended not to understand what Tuan was saying.

His words surprised me.

That small star is the brightest.

Thank you for your hard work.

Are you a police officer?

An injustice has been corrected.

Why do you always do this?

Mr Joel is now on duty.

I thought it strange that he didn't turn up.

Lincoln did not want to punish the south.

Could you do this instead of me?

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Somebody must care for the patient.


Jisheng hasn't been around much.

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Lots of herons live in the marsh.

Turkeer is still reading.

I think you look hot.

I have a desire to go to England.

Time has come to admit that hard work and hope are no substitute for actual knowledge.

The cold weather is expected to last until the weekend.

Since my mother was sick, I couldn't leave the house last Saturday.

You're coming with us now.

Milo was alone most of the time.


Is Murph still engaged to Audrey?

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Her father is a middle-class English man.

Call me if there's any trouble.

Terri came up with an answer to our problem.

After the accident, the police told the crowd to keep back.

Green leaves are coming out little by little.

He almost forgot his money.

He has gone to Paris on official business.

You should really lay off that. It'll ruin your health.

You probably already know about our company.

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It's quite difficult to master French in 2 or 3 years.

He went out of the room without being noticed by anyone.

He ought to have arrived there by now.

We have fun together.

The shy Chinese cleaner brought us tea to the meeting room.

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I am not a fan of socialism.

I won't even tell Stephanie.

Where did you peel them?


I don't know what got into me.

He wouldn't look at my proposal.

Dr. Zamenhof believed that a language belongs to the people who speak it which is why he never copyrighted Esperanto.

He never seems to grow older.

When he comes, I'll pay the money that I promised.

Willie had a little problem earlier.

Geoff can do anything he wants to.

How much do you pay your gardener?

When my mother was young, she was very beautiful.

I really need to talk to you.

Dale doesn't always understand what's going on.

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The fat woman was holding a monkey.

Rajiv ate until he was full.

This water has an ugly smell.


A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.


I don't think that you should worry about it too much.

You're not a girl.

Your son is not interested in studying.


Food packaging reduces spoilage.

You're pretty rich, aren't you?

I was just in the neighborhood.

"Smoke weed every day"-themed remixes are very popular around the web.

These two years were completely pointless. It seems to me that I haven't matured one bit since I've been at the university.

You know what'll happen if you ever try anything like that again.

Is that the same guy?


He was very naughty in his boyhood.


I wish I wasn't always so busy.

It's strange that she should have come home so late at night.

Give my regards to your sister.

Moore was there on business.

That proves nothing.


He need not get up so early.

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Why are Marie and Perry hesitant?

The babies in the hospital have grown up.

I certainly don't regret it.

Women's rights groups are going after sexual harassment.

I wish you hadn't seen that.

Daren had better be careful.

We're getting ready for that.

Giovanni barely escaped with his life.

She knows now that he is not to be counted on.

There's a reason for everything.

Your job isn't easy.


We meant well.

I don't want you to be late.

Whether it will rain or not, the game is going to be held.

We'd like to leave.

Damon is quite snobby.

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With most of the arts, if you don't get the basics down properly then it is difficult to acquire further skills.

One of Brian's teachers told him that he'd never amount to anything.

The clerk labeled the baggage.

How many full moons are there in a year?

How can I get rid of him?

Elena is the tallest girl in the class.

Father complains of having been busy since last week.

The excursion will continue not less 8 hours.

Find the correct answer!

Do you have Beethoven?

I'm worried that Gregg will get lost.


Suu took his son to the petting zoo.

They went on working for hours.

He is different from what he used to be.

Raymond put away his toys.

She was alone on Valentine's Day.

I take a bath every morning in summer.

Val might still have a chance.


In judo, technique is more important than strength.

We've now been together for nearly three years.

Did Donn grow up in Boston?


Insects have six legs.


I've been looking for them for more than one hour.

You've got to be making this up.

A sadist likes inflicting pain; a masochist, receiving it.

You ought to do it at once.

Glorify the ocean, but stay on the ground.

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Orville's first flight didn't last very long.

Even truth needs to be clad in new garments if it is to appeal to a new age.

He answered my question with a "no."

Why are people scared of them?

Are you serious? It seems to me that you've fallen on your head.

The church bell used to ring at three.

Pascal had to go himself.

Randall is digging his own grave.

She is not a singer, but an actress.

I'm not sure anyone can help.

You're a rock.

He cheated death many times on the battlefield.

The police chased the escaped convict.

Jeffie baked bread.

You're the only guy here I know.

I really liked the gift you gave me.

We are in the tie-up.

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I work on Sundays.

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We hate this enemy of the country.

You must leave now.

Galileo dropped two balls from the Tower of Pisa.

Rajesh answered my message right away.

Dion should probably spend more time with Sandy.


I'm not at all interested in physics.

Bernie only has faint memories of his grandfather.

Bruce is sexually frustrated.